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Why No Human In Their Right Mind Would Trust Your HR Department Right Now

When you put a human resources department in place, the chances are that you did so with your employees’ best interests in mind. This integration may even have been your way of trying to improve morale. But, you can’t help noticing that it doesn’t seem to be working. In fact, no one seems to be making use of your HR department at all.

In some ways, you could take this as a sign that everyone’s happy with the way you run your office. That would be great, but it’s unlikely. It’s more likely that this lack of use is a result of issues with your  HR team. That’s bad news considering that an HR that your employees can’t trust is worse than no human resources at all. With that in mind, consider whether the following issues are keeping staff at bay.

An HR team who gossip

While they’re there for your employees, your HR staff are also your employees. As such, they’re sure to chat gossip and generally hang out with other team members. That would be fine if it weren’t for the fact that you’ve employed an HR manager with loose lips. No one will confide in a human resources department who are likely to tell the whole office everything. Far from being a breach of trust, this a violation of legal confidentiality. If you notice anyone from HR getting close to members of your team, don't be afraid to remind them of their responsibility. You could even get them to sign a contract which ensures anything they’re told HAS to remain in strictest confidence.

Processes which just don’t work

As well as being a port of call for employees, HR departments also take care of matters like pay packets, holiday forms, and employee rights. If your team have long-winded and broken processes right now, it’s no wonder staff are reluctant to turn to them. What’s the point when nothing works the way it should? As it stands, employees can’t even book holidays without it backfiring. Lucky for you, this is an even easier issue to fix. By turning to HR management software as offered by companies like Total Calibration, you can ensure things improve from here on out. That’s because programs like these automate many of those processes. That’s sure to see things running smoother and faster, all without putting more pressure on your HR team.

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A rather exposed office

Believe it or not, going to the HR office is a lot like talking to the headmaster at school. If colleagues see you do it, they’re sure to start gossiping about what you’re doing there. That can make anyone reluctant to take this plunge if the HR office is in the thick of the main workspace. Instead, you should aim to offer a more efficient space which provides some privacy. It may even be that you need to give up your office to achieve this goal. Managers have to make sacrifices for the good of the team, remember.