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Side Hustle Success: Five Ideas For Creatives

If you have a creative hobby you enjoy, have you ever considered monetising it? Earning cash doing something you love really is the dream, and thanks to the internet it’s completely possible to do so. Here are some ideas.

Design your own prints

Prints are popular home decor pieces, with the trend of gallery walls still going strong and people wanting meaningful and personalised art, there’s plenty of opportunity for graphic designers to make a good income. If you want to go a step further than just selling digital items, print them and frame them yourself to sell them ready made. You’ll earn more money this way and it will give you an edge over your competitors. Invest in a good printer and ink cartridges, and you can buy wholesale frames in different colours and designs relatively cheaply online. If you purchase frames with a plastic cover rather than glass covering the picture, they’ll be lighter to ship and you don’t risk them getting broken during shipping.

Sell your art

If you’re more of an artist than a designer, you don’t need to be selling huge commissions every month to make a living. Cute watercolour illustrations for example make great clip art pieces that people buy to use in their scrapbooking, card making and other crafts. Best of all, once you’ve done the work people can download these digital files over and over with no extra work needing to be done by you. With a little upfront work, you can make some extra cash every month if your designs do well.

Make background music for Youtubers

As a musician, you probably have dreams of making it big, and getting your music out there for as many people as possible to hear. But have you considered other ways of making cash? Creating inexpensive background tracks for Youtubers and other video creators can bring in a good income and it’s something that can boost your earnings while you work on your main pieces.

Write articles

If you’re a proficient writer, your skills will be very much in demand online. Companies need writers for their website and blogs, marketing agencies need content creators for their content marketing. You could even set up your own blog and make money this way. Sign up to a freelancing site to start with and get to work on some jobs on here. In time, you’re likely to build up your own clients and you can quite easily earn a full time wage just by working from home.

Start a baking business

If baking is your forte, why not share your gift with the local community? Open your own little baking business, and people can order celebration cakes, cupcakes and whatever else you like to make. You could always go on a baking course or decoration course first to hone your skills, and from there it’s something you could do from your own kitchen. You will need to make a few changes in your home first, for example you’ll need to have a separate fridge for home and for work. You also aren’t allowed pets in your kitchen when you’re running a business from it, and it will need to be kept clean to high standards. Once you register your company, your local council will be able to inspect you whenever they deem fit to ensure you’re running things correctly.


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