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The Secret To Marketing Your Business To Millennials

Millennials make up a huge share of the consumer market. More to the point, studies suggest that millennials actually have the most purchasing power out of any other demographic. What does this mean? It means they’re the people more likely to buy things. As such, they’re a group your business needs to target.

How can your company market to millennials? It’s simple, all you need to know is this one secret:

Build Your Image

Image is so important when marketing a business to millennials. This demographic respond very well to certain images that companies give off. They’re very much in-tune with modern businesses that have a modern and more relaxed image. A company like Google is a great example of an organisation that’s moulded an image for millennials. These people don’t respond well to a very strict corporate image, so bear that in mind. It’s time to hold back on the suits and the extremely professional and strict social media posts and become a lot more relaxed.

How can you do this? Well, you have to take a look at multiple aspects of your business that help determine your image and gear them towards millennials. Below, you’ll find a few of the main things you need to focus on:

Your Content Strategy

Arguably the biggest way you can manipulate your image is through your content strategy. Most specifically, the content you post on social media. It’s not rocket science if you’re always posting about very professional things such as news within your industry, then you won’t be attracting millennials. Instead, you need to focus on content that engages them and intrigues them. Most importantly, it has to entice them into engaging with you. Millennials like being involved and conversing with businesses. So, make sure your content is light-hearted and friendly and encourages involvement.

Naturally, you can’t forget about other areas of your content marketing strategy either. Things like your website content need to follow the same lines as your social media stuff. Avoid using loads of technical jargon on your site and boring people to death with paragraphs of business information. Try and provide the important info in a way that’s more upbeat and exciting - as a video perhaps? A short promo video is far better than a page of writing in the eyes of millennials.

Your Office

Believe it or not but the appearance of your office can play a huge role in building your image. Again, let’s look at the Google example as it’s the easiest one to draw upon. Google are famous for their quirky offices that stray from the norm. They’re not incredibly professional places, they have beanbag chairs, and the atmosphere is very relaxed. This helps contribute to the image they give off that appeals to millennials.

So, you should make your office look less strict and professional. Add some colour to it and have sections with sofas or beanbags where people can relax. Everything needs to look very crisp and clean at all times too. There’s something about a very clean office that just makes it appear more modern. Companies like Southern Cross Cleaning specialises in office cleaning services that might help you keep your office in shape. Minimise the clutter and make sure your office is very minimalistic. Then, upload pictures on social media and your website to help enhance your image and appeal to millennials.

Your Message

Every business needs to come up with a message that sums up the main aims and goals of the company. This message will directly link to your image, and help determine how consumers view your organisation. If you want to appeal to millennials, then your message needs to be very customer-orientated and show that you’re focused on providing a top level service to all of your customers. It needs to show people that you put them first, rather than being focused on other corporate things.

Millennials are very untrustworthy people, particularly when it comes to businesses. They hate big corporations that look like they’re just in it for the money. So, make sure you clearly get your message across that you’re a trustworthy business of the people.

In conclusion, you need to create a business image that’s as far away from a traditional corporate image as possible. Your company must appear very modern and laid back, this is what appeals to millennials. If you can do this, then you’ll be tapping into a very profitable demographic. It’s certainly no coincidence that business who manage to successfully market to millennials will often enjoy the most success.