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Office Productivity Tips from Pros

Did you ever feel like there’s just no enough time to get all the things done? If the answer is yes, trust us, you’re not alone. Recent studies have shown us that we work harder and relax far less than we ever did. That said, you’d probably want you and your employees to be as productive as possible during a typical day in the office. Luckily, there are some things you can do to make sure more work gets done during the office hours. And in order to help you, we’ve asked pros from Australia who have mastered the art to come up with a few of them that are guaranteed to do the trick.

Have regular breaks

Even though it may seem like you’ll get more work done if you skip breaks, you and your employees will actually be more productive when you take 10-15 minute breaks a few time per day. Just make sure nobody uses this time to scroll through their Facebook or read news online, since they’ll be staring at the screen just like they do during working hours. Instead, what you and your employees should do is use your breaks to chat with your co-workers or take a brisk walk. Pros say this will help you refocus on what’s important and process all the distractions out of your mind.

Add a few extra windows

Another thing you’ll want to do when trying to increase productivity in your office is increase the amount of natural light in it. It may seem like having more than a few windows will be a distraction but you’ll see that taking a glance on the outside world brings many benefits. And among other, it’s going help you get more work done. This is especially the case if staring at the screen for multiple hours a day is in your job description. When zoning out on your work, you eventually stop blinking which can cause eyestrain and disrupt you. Luckily, a nice view from your windows is all you need in order to deal with this issue.

Get the design right

Smart companies understand how important office design is for productivity. So, if you’re working in an old building, it may be a perfect time to think about redesigning your office. This is a great move to make since it allows you to create separate areas in your office or add a couple of extra rooms. For example you can introduce a break room, where you and your employees will be able to get a cup of coffee and enjoy you 10-15 minute breaks. And if you decide to redesign your office, make sure you have good a team of Sydney architects handle the entire project for you.

Get comfortable office chairs

The way you configure your office furniture is also going to have a huge effect on productivity of you and your employees. If you have uncomfortable office chairs, it’s only the matter of time your employees will start to experience backache. There’s no need to say that this is only going to hurt their productivity. Therefore, investing in heavy-duty and ergonomic chairs is always a good idea. And today, there’s really no reason why you should delay upgrading your office furniture since there are so many stores in Sydney like Office National where you can find cheap and comfortable office chairs.

Follow all of the abovementioned tips and you’ll witness the increase in productivity in your office. But make sure you don’t stop there, since you should always be looking for some new ways to get more job done.

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