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The Australian oil and gas industry is one of the most efficient in the World

Durabase Mat Management

All developed countries in the World require a reliable supply of low cost petrol, jet fuel, oil and lubricants. We are one of the major oil and gas suppliers as Australia, with its huge known stocks of crude oil, is a major producer of petrol, distillate and aviation fuel.

The oil industry is huge in this country and indeed around the World. Without access to energy, life would be hard to bear for everyone. The oil companies actually sell the fuel products to the World but it is Australian "know how" that makes our oil industry experts in keen demand throughout the World.

Whether it is oil exploration on land or at sea, Australian's are among the best in their field.

It is not just oil industry mining engineers making us famous, it is the countless men and women who supply goods and services in the exploration, construction and export phases of oil projects.

From Ports to refineries, we need reliable infrastructure that can meet the demands of today and the yet unknown requirements of the future. Australian businesses supply a wide range of construction support services to create the plants that supply our needs. JWA Oilfield Supplies is an example of a highly talented team at a major oil industry support leader. Its DURA-BASE bog mats are constructed with High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) alongside a proprietary mix of UV stabilisers and static dissipaters.

The mats minimise transportation, construction and reclamation costs, reduce the costs of placing and disposing of liners, prevent spills or other damage to work sites, improve construction site stability and safety while protect a site throughout the year in all types of weather. They are used for many different terrains and soil types; including tidal flats, sand, marshes, beaches, bogs, black soils, snow, tundra, peat swamps, muskegs and river creeks. DURA-BASE bog mats have been tested in each of these environments and have helped to improve access in a broad assortment of construction and other projects.

The output of all mining and oil industry infrastructure is vital to our lifestyle and has to be created and maintained to the highest standards in terms of efficiency and OH&S requirements. A by product of our success in the oil industry is that people and products are exported to the World to help people in other countries to develop their own resources using Australian made technology and skills.