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Don't Let These Unhealthy Habits Limit Your Life Chances

You only have one life on this earth, so you may as well live it as healthily as you can, right? But chances are, you might be limiting your life with at least one of the unhealthy habits we are going to list in this article today. Not only will these habits stop you from being your best self while you're alive, but they might also cut short your life expectancy too!

Worried? You should be, but hope isn't lost. You can make changes to your life, thus giving you the opportunity to enjoy your life, and live it for longer. Add our suggestions to our list of medical resolutions and make a difference to your life this year.

These are the unhealthy habits you need to be aware of.

Unhealthy Habit #1: An addiction to drugs and/or alcohol

Taken separately, an addiction to drugs or alcohol could kill you. An overdose of the former, and prolonged use of the latter could eventually signal the end of your time on this earth. And a combination of the two, such as a mix of prescription painkillers and alcohol could also result in fatal damage to your system. And while you're alive, any addiction is crippling; a dependency on anything, be that drugs or alcohol, or anything else you are beholden to could rule your life, limiting the opportunities you have to spend quality time with your family, do well in your career, and live a life with some degree of freedom. We strongly advocate alcohol or drug rehab if you have a problem in these areas, and we would also suggest you speak to your doctor, for those addictions and anything else that might have become a dangerous and persistent habit.

Unhealthy Habit #2: Watching too much television

We are living in an age where we are spoiled by choice on our television screens. There are hundreds of channels to choose from, as well as the box sets that are afforded us by Netflix, Amazon Prime, and any of the other subscription services available to us. The upshot of this? We watch too much television, as we have a lot to get through. But here's the thing. This is problematic on a social level, as we spend far too much time in front of the box instead of being with other people. It also stops us from spending time doing those other things we might enjoy in life, be that alone or with others. And it's also problematic on a health level, as a sedentary lifestyle can hinder us day to day, and reduce our lifespan. You can find out more here. Still, hope isn't lost. The chances of health problems connected to an inactive lifestyle can be reduced if you get out of your chair once in a while. Take time to exercise each day, so you still have enough life left in you to watch your favorite shows. And then do other things in your life, not just for your health, but to add to the joy of life. After all, why watch people doing things that could be considered exciting and memorable when you could be doing them in real life!

Unhealthy Habit #3: Comfort eating


In general, we comfort eat when we are feeling sad and low. We do it when we feel stressed and anxious. And when we comfort eat, we don't tend to reach for those healthy foods, such as an apple or a carrot. Instead, we make a beeline for those foods that will give us a momentary feeling of uplift, from bars of chocolate to bags of Doritos. Tasty, yes! Good for us, no! If untreated, comfort eating (also known as emotional eating) can lead to obesity, depression, and a whole range of health consequences associated with the junk foods we are consuming. And again, these can lead to a shortening of our lives. So, what should you do if you have an issue with comfort eating? For starters, you should remove any junk foods from your house, so you aren't tempted to reach for them. Replace them with those healthy snacks that aren't going to damage you long-term. You should look for ways to manage your stress and emotional issues. You might talk to a friend, for example, or do something to distract you from your negative thoughts. And if you are spotting signs of ill-health or a dependency on food, you should also see your doctor for professional help.


You only have one life, so don't do anything to endanger it! If you have spotted yourself within this article today, do the right thing by yourself, and take the steps needed to help you move into a healthier lifestyle. And the same applies to any habit that we haven't mentioned here. If you know you are hurting yourself, protect yourself by getting the help you need. You know it makes sense, so don't procrastinate; just do it!