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Things to Consider When Buying Flower Bulbs Online

Before you buy bulbs online in Australia, you need to consider where the flowers will be placed and choose the colours for your blooms. To make the decision easier, you need to understand a bit about flower bulb planting and care.

Where to Plant Bulbs

In most cases, bulbs like sunny areas of the landscape, although some will tolerate spots marked by shade or partial shade. Most flowering bulbs in Australia also thrive in containers and pots if they are planted in potting soil mixes that are well-drained.

Recommended Spring Bulbs

Buy hyacinth bulbs or tulip bulbs online in Australia for window box or container planting in the spring. All you need to do is plant the bulbs closely together in a good potting mix. Before planting, mix in organic matter, compost or peat to ensure optimum growth. If you plant the spring bulbs in garden beds that contain clay soil or poor drainage, raise the planting area. Add sand to the plant hole to increase drainage.

How to Plant and Store Flowering Bulbs

As a general measure, place flowering bulbs in Australia at a depth that is about twice the bulb’s height. When the flowers bloom, get rid of any faded blossoms to encourage more growth. Wait for the foliage to naturally die down after the flowering season. That way, extra energy will be fed into the bulb for the next growing period. If you lift the bulbs, dry them before you store them. Store the bulbs in a seed tray or net bag in a cool room that is mildly humid. A good storage place, for example, might be a garage.

Fall is the best time to start planning a spring garden. However, you can get ideas for adding new bulbs to your landscape, or pots or window boxes, any time of the year. If you plan carefully, your garden will blossom from the early spring until the end of autumn seasonally.

Bulb Categories – All Bulbs Are Not Actual Bulbs

When garden experts refer to bulbs, they may loosely mean tubers, corms, rhizomes and, of course, the bulbs themselves. While bulbs comprise tiers of fleshy scales, corms are made of solid flesh and, in some instances, appear woody. Tubers represent thickened shoots, such as potatoes or the Begonia plant. Rhizomes, such as the Bearded Iris, feature creeping and fleshy stems that produce floral spikes.

Protecting Your Bulbs Seasonally

Protecting your bulbs so they will flower is also crucial. Apply a layer of mulch to bulbs in the winter and summer. In winter, the mulch will safeguard the bulb from frost damage and, in the summer, it keeps the bulb cool and prevents it from literally roasting in the ground.

Review Your Choices Online

When you are making a search for bulbs online, carefully consider your selections. For example, when choosing bulbs, see if they have to be replanted or if they are designed to remain in the ground. Assess the various spots in your yard and figure out which bulbs will thrive the best in certain areas. Again, you can plant your bulbs so they flower almost all of the year. Therefore, shopping online is an easy way to streamline the planning process.

Where to Find Flowering Bulbs Online

Check out sites, like Bulbs Online, to get ideas for planting and to obtain the bulbs you need to colour your home’s interior and landscape throughout the year. Bulbs make it fun and simple to maintain a flower garden. You just need to know where to begin.