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How to Give Your Kitchen a Makeover on a Budget

If you think your kitchen is starting to look a little bit bland and boring, you don't have to spend lots of money to give it a makeover. With a bit of your own creativity, some fresh ideas and a tight budget, you can give your kitchen the new look that you want.

Paint the cabinets and cupboards

Buying entirely new cupboards for your kitchen will come at a huge cost, and if you're on a budget, you just might not be able to afford that. Kitchen cupboards are generally made to last for years and years, so if they're looking a bit worn out and tired, you might just need to give them a lick of paint instead. Choose a colour that you think will work well in your kitchen, depending on the type of appearance you're going for and any existing colours which you might not want to change. Pastel colours and neutral colours always work well in the kitchen – you should avoid painting all your cupboards in a dark colour such as black or navy blue.

Change the floor

Changing the floor of your kitchen can instantly change the whole room. The floor in a kitchen is usually very dirty, even if you're cleaning it on a regular basis. If you have vinyl flooring or carpet which is very difficult to keep clean, consider replacing it with something easier. You can look at floor tiles in Sydney if you want to go for the tiled look in all or some areas of your kitchen. Tiles are very easy to clean and can look stylish and modern too in your kitchen.

Replace the worktops

Laminate worktops can be very cost effective, so if your budget won't stretch very far, you might still be able to afford a couple of new worktops for your kitchen. This will be particularly helpful if your current worktops are scratched or damaged, or even if you feel like you want extra space to prepare food. Add another worktop over your appliances, or create extra space by replacing one of the smaller current ones with a larger piece.

Have a feature wall

If you don't think your kitchen has enough colour but you don't want to renovate all the walls or put up fresh wallpaper, choose one wall and make it into a feature wall. You can do this either by painting it yourself or creating your own design. Alternatively, you can buy some patterned wallpaper and put this on one wall in the kitchen. When you buy any wallpaper for your kitchen, find out whether it is suitable for the kitchen, since not all wallpapers are heat and steam resistant.

Add small personal touches

The kitchen isn't the best place to display family photographs and other mementos, but there's no harm in hanging a couple of paintings or displaying a few of your favourite ornaments. You could also add a plant to your kitchen, since this is good for your health and adds a fresh and natural touch to the room too.