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9 Online Resources for Small Business Owners

The web is full of business advisory sites, but which are the most useful for small business owners? We’ve got eight of the best sites for small business news and advice here.

1. MySmallBusiness, Sydney Morning Herald

The Sydney Morning Herald’s MySmallBusiness section is packed with useful news and information for working in and running your small business. The section is further divided into subcategories such as starting, growing, managing, trends, and finance. The section recently featured topical stories on crowdfunding, starting out on a shoestring, and getting your products into department stores.

2. Business Insider Australia

Though not specifically a small business portal, Business Insider Australia nevertheless features plenty of stories and useful advice for small business readers. Owned by Allure Media and edited by Paul Cogan, the site features tech, money, markets, and lifestyle topics relevant to both small and large businesses. With one click you can see what’s trending, which stories are popular on social media, and get some ideas for running and growing your business.

3. Flying Solo

With more than 70,000 thousand registered members, Flying Solo is a micro business community featuring news and advice stories, an expert directory, and sections covering everything from starting up and marketing to tech and the small business entrepreneur lifestyle. The site recently featured stories on sourcing overseas products, improving your product conversion rate, and making effective presentations.

4. ANZ’s Small Business Hub

ANZ’s Small Business Hub offers a wealth of resources, news, and tools for small business owners. Users can download free templates and checklists, view videos, and read on a range of small business topics. There’s also an online community that users can join to network with other small business operators.

5. Small Business,

The small business section on the portal contains checklists, information sheets, guides, and other useful resources for small business operators. On the site you can find checklists for starting and growing your business, links to information about getting your business online, and information on regulatory and compliance issues such as advertising, exemptions, rights, and pricing. There’s also a legal help guide, free apps for planning and growing your business, and information on managing small business finance.

6. SmartCompany

SmartCompany is a popular Australian site devoted to issues relevant to small and medium businesses. The site is updated with business news from around the world every weekday, and it regularly features experts on topics such as finance, growth, leadership, technology, marketing, and legal issues. Recently the site featured on how Apple rewards its employees, stories on digital business, and tips on buying property.

7. contains valuable information for those starting their own business. The portal contains information on trademarks, licensing, tax, insurance, recordkeeping, and governance structure. It also covers important legal issues such as business registration, privacy, and unfair dismissal.

8. The Australian Small Business Blog

This popular blog is run by Greg Chapman, an author, small business advisor, and expert in marketing techniques. The blog contains useful articles on converting leads, delivering a good pitch, sale techniques, and business growth, with a focus on effective marketing techniques for growing small businesses.

9. is an Australian-based site that provides helpful news, resources and information to those in business. It contains information on categories ranging from food and travel to technology and marketing. Their reports on each industry can provide valuable insight to those interested in finding out about different professions.

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Paul Tiogson is Lecturer in Business Management at the International Career Institute. He has spent the last 15 years in various senior teaching and managerial roles in small to mid sized businesses.

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