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Online gambling laws in Australia and New Zealand

It is legal in Australia and New Zealand for citizens to participate in online gambling. There are many online sites that make accepting gambling clients from Australia and New Zealand. However, other than those approved by the Racing Board (for sports betting) and those approved by the Lotteries Commission (for lotteries sites) are deemed illegal. As such, it is also important to keep in mind that online gambling sites, other than the exceptions indicated above, are also not regulated within Australia.

The interactive game act of 2001:

A big revolutions in Australian gambling world is the interactive gambling act in Australia was made at 2001. The law prohibits any kinds of “for money gaming services and their advertising pointed to the Australians. There are also many foreign online gaming sites that offer their gaming services to Australian citizens. The acceptance of Australian players on these sites is technically in violation of the laws and regulations of the Interactive Gambling Law.

Online gambling of licensed lottery games and bets are legal activities within Australia. Licensed sports sites that reside within the Australian border are permitted by law to offer their services to Australian residents. In the case of sports of online betting sites, they are required to ensure that all bets are placed before the start of the sporting event. In this way, bets are not considered to be interactive in nature. It is illegal, however, to offer online sports betting while the game has been wagered on what is really happening. In addition, online sports betting sites are required to be affiliated with land based companies.

Since online gambling is not regulated in Australia, citizens do not have a national means of recourse in case online problems arise. As such, it is a good practice to choose only online sites that are regulated and legally authorized through a different jurisdiction. It is also important to keep in mind that sites managed by operators established in Australia are legally authorized to offer their services to people residing in many countries outside of Australia.

One of the more popular websites for Australians is

Online gambling in New Zealand

In New Zealand, online gambling is defined as "The interactive remote game". This includes all the games of chance that take place through communication devices. As is the case in Australia, it is illegal for a New Zealand citizen to participate in an online gambling site that is operated within New Zealand. An exception is made in the case of sites that offer the sale of lottery or betting on careers operated by the New Zealand Lottery Commission, or the Board of the Totalisator Agency. Same as what happens in Australia, any gambling activity on sites not based in New Zealand is deemed illegal. It is also illegal in New Zealand for a betting site abroad to advertise its services to the citizens of New Zealand.