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Using Google Analytics Reports To Boost SEO Success

Search engine optimisation has become synonymous with digital marketers today because people are spending more and more time behind screens on computers or their phones. With so much research conducted online before any purchases, the time has come for companies to use SEO tactics more strategically. Monitoring and analysing what you're doing is part of your strategy and can help you identify and strengthen weak areas. The best way to analyse your SEO performance is via Google Analytics reports. Here are some ways to use them to boost your website's SEO:

Make Sure You Install Google Analytics On Your Wordpress Website

Google Analytics can help you optimise the performance of your entire website, so you can work on everything from on-page SEO to specific call to actions. You may need to get a developer to insert the code into your website, but the effort is well worth it. Consider the following:

  • *  Once Google Analytics is set up, you will be able to see vital data and statistics on your WordPress dashboard. This means you won't have to move away from the website to check any reports – allowing you to better focus on running your business without any distraction.

  • *Setting up Google Analytics enables you to pull out all kinds of data that can equip you with knowledge of what you need to do next to make effective changes. \

  • *Google Analytics gives you unprecedented insights into the way your consumers behave and what kind of content they consume.

If you haven't done it already you may want to install Google Analytics into your dashboard so you don't want to keep switching back and forth. This will make it easier for you to make changes by using the analytics you derive as a reference point.

Get A Device Breakdown Report

One of the most important reports in the Google Analytics world is a device breakdown report because it tells you exactly where your traffic is coming from based on device use. Consider the following benefits of getting a device breakdown report:

  • *You'll be able to get insights into the percentage of browsers through tablets, desktops, laptops and mobiles.

  • *You can customise and adapt your content to suit the type of devices that are used to consume your website's content.

  • *You'll be in a stronger position to determine what content seems to be most popular with users based on the devices they are using.

A device breakdown report is a vital part of your SEO strategy because of the increasing number of people browsing the Internet through their mobile devices. This makes a strong case for you to develop reponsive content that can adapt to any kind of screen without any trouble. With more adaptable content, you'll likely start to notice more visitors spending more time on your website, which will boost your SEO rankings over time.

Identify Your Best Landing And Bounce Pages

The best part of Google Analytics is the amount of data you're able to obtain regarding your website's performance. This level of monitoring and analysis allows you to make effective changes that can drive consumer engagement even further. Consider the following to identify your best landing and exit pages:

  • *User engagement is vital for SEO so knowing where and why browsers are bouncing off your pages can help you correct any mistakes you're making. Engaging sites have lower bounce rates and stronger conversions.

  • *Identifying your best landing pages shows you what content is resonating best with your target audience, allowing you to analyse things like page duration and bounce rate. You can use this data to replicate similar content from high-engagement pages to pages with higher bounce rates.

  • *Check for links that are most popularly clicked on your website whether to go to another web page or website. You may be able to barter a deal with other websites you're referring your own traffic to in order to get backlinks to yours – another vital component of a good SEO strategy.

Identifying your best landing and bounce pages gives you the chance to re-look at your existing strategy and whether it is working. If your CTA doesn't seem to have enough power, you'll need to find new ways to make it engaging for your audience.

Equipped with more analytical information, you'll be in a stronger position to adapt your content to suit the needs of your audience. Ultimately, this not only benefits you in the form of higher conversions, but you'll also improve your search rankings.

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