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The Importance of Large Format Printing for Business

Printing services are always in demand and are used to deliver effective advertising and marketing material for business. However, there are particular printing products that serve specific needs; referring in this case to large format printing. This finds a purpose in in-store graphics, wall signage, and many other applications. These days, it’s easy enough to find this service in central locations and at reasonable prices, for example, large format printing in Melbourne. Leaps and bounds in digital printing technology over the past few years mean that this service is now very affordable, and the quality of output has improved immeasurably.

What is large format printing?

Large format printing should be differentiated from general forms of printing, in that it refers to a sizing option that is not available on traditional printing presses. Therefore, it requires modern machinery that can handle intense print jobs, such as 5m long banners in just one piece. Large format printing allows for vibrant colour and high-resolution graphics across even the largest of printing projects.

The output produced by this service is relative to the specifications that belong to the particular printing press in use. Common items that are printed in large format include interior and exterior forms of printed signage/store displays/billboards, signposts, wall/window posters/murals, maps/charts/diagrams, event announcements, lightbox prints, vinyl signs, expo show booth printing, art/installations printing and horizontal/vertical banners. The list is by no means exhaustive; access a full range of potentialities via this website supplying multi-level printing services in Melbourne.

What are the visual benefits of large format printing?

The visual benefits of large format printing should not be underestimated, particularly when it comes to making goods and services more attractive to prospective customers and/or clients. In any marketing/advertising campaign graphics are always front-and-center. This captures attention and engenders consumer interest. Colours, logos and other visual elements are key components in this equation. In order to remain effective, these elements must be reproduced faithfully and 100 percent true-to-life.

Wide format printers allow smart businesses to capitalise on enhanced brand awareness and visibility to keep ahead of the competition. In some industries, the concept and presentation of products and services are paramount, for example, retail, architecture, interior design etc. Here the power of advanced printing technology really comes into play. However, any business that uses a shop front or showroom cannot afford to ignore the vast visual benefits that only large format printing can provide.

What are the practical advantages of wide format printing?

There are so many practical advantages that wide format printing offers over traditional methods. Wide format printing produces a quicker turnaround on printed products, meaning increased agility and adaptiveness in the commercial sphere. Getting printed promotional material out faster can make all the difference when it comes to marketing and advertising campaigns, particularly when you consider the timeliness of seasonal offers and specials.

Wide format printing can also reduce costs when it comes to volume, ie. when you are printing a substantial amount the economics of scale mean you actually limit overall expenses. Just think of the paper and ink it would take to produce a large printing task in-house using standard desktop equipment? This factor can save companies and organisations a lot of money over the long-term. Modern wide format systems are lauded for their speed and efficiency, meaning businesses also benefit in terms of opportunity cost. This means less time spent agonising over printing tasks, more time to spend on generating profits.

What will wide format printing mean for my business?

It is important to understand how visual elements are handled and reproduced in printed media. This is facilitated by the various technical capabilities that a wide format printing press can offer, such as advanced droplet technology (microscopic ink droplets and precision ejection create images with increased clarity) and an ability to distinguish between text and images in the print process (no bleeding or blending).

It’s a well-known fact that any marketing strategy borrows on the central tenets of psychology in order to attract an audience, ie. a buyer who is ready to sign on the dotted line. The idiom ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ could not be more appropriate. Visual formats encapsulate the very heartbeat of brand messaging, ie. what a company sells, what it stands for, and the overall interests and desires of the market segment that it represents. The perception of visual advertising is measured and monitored on a scientific level and it is a very real part of what it takes to keep a modern economy flourishing.

As a business, nailing the quality and efficiency of your printed designs is about more than just pretty looks, it’s actually all about your bottom-line. Effective visuals translate into products and services that sell. Both practically and aesthetically, wide format printing is the vastly superior choice in producing materials that will keep your business thriving.


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