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My name is Jeff Reed, I am writing to tell you about a new BREAKTHROUGH method I have invented for repairing a leaking Coolant Transfer Pipe in the BMW N62 V8 engine block using the BimmerFix Stent. The N62 V8 is a popular BMW engine that was used in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010, in such fabulous vehicles as the BMW 735i & 735Li ( E65 & E66 ) 740i & 740Li ( E65 & E66), 745i & 745Li ( E65 & E66 ), 750i & 750Li ( E65 & E66 ), 645Ci & 650i ( E63 & E64 ) , 540i ( E60 & E60 ), 540i 545i & 550i ( E60 & E61 ), and the X5 ( E53 & E70 ) SUV.

Located deep inside of the BMW N62 motor is a Coolant Transfer Pipe, which carries antifreeze from the Water Pump to cooling chambers within the engine. However, the Front Seal on this Cooling Tube can fail in as little as 40,000 miles, and start leaking antifreeze from the engine b lock, through a weep hole in the Timing Chain Cover. When this happens, the car will lose antifreeze from the engine, and the engine will overheat. This is a very common problem and some customers wanted a BMW recall of these effected cars.

In the past, this has been a very expensive repair because it required disassembly of the engine, in order to access the leaking Cooling Pipe Seal. The original method of replacing the crossover Coolant Transfer Pipe required the removal of the Timing Chain Cover. This repair could cost $6,000 or more at the BMW Dealer.

Then, an after-market Collapsible Coolant Pipe was developed to save time and money on this repair. This Collapsible Coolant Pipe method involves removing the Intake Manifold, cutting out the old Coolant Pipe and installing the after-market Collapsible ( aka Expandable ) Coolant Pipe. But even this method required many hours of shop labor and expensive parts and supplies. The repair bill for this method can still cost between $1,500.00 and $2,500.00 to remove the Intake Manifold, cut out the old Coolant Pipe and install the new Collapsible Coolant Pipe.

However, BimmerFix Products Co. has discovered a BREAKTHROUGH system to stop the leak! The BimmerFix method is much faster and less expensive than these old methods. This simple, yet durable and long lasting method inserts the BimmerFix Stent into the leaking crossover cooling tube, through the Timing Chain Cover. The thin aluminum sleeve creates a long lasting repair that is much easier and less expensive to install than the old repair methods.

The cost of the complete BimmerFix Coolant Pipe Repair Kit is only $159.00, and includes free shipping if you are located the USA and a LIFE-TIME MONEYBACK GUARANTEE! (see for details). World-wide shipping is available at an extra cost. In addition, the Kit is easy to install, and can be installed by a do-it-yourself vehicle owner who can replace a water pump.

The new BimmerFix Stent will stop the Coolant Pipe leak, and only requires the removal of the Water Pump. This new patent protected invention can save YOU or your customer’s time, hassle, and thousands of dollars. It works or your money back! Go to .

Save time and money! Take a look at
Watch The Video! You will be glad you did!
Feel free to call me with any questions that you may have at 1-520-544-4400.

Thanks for your time!
Jeff Reed
Inventor & Owner
BimmerFix Products Co.
Tucson, Arizona, USA

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