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How The Modern Day Man Can Nail His Appearance

Trends are ever-changing, as is their nature, but it seems to be impossible for the modern day man to know what looks good and what doesn’t. Do you keep the beard or do you shave it off? Do you go for a manly look or embrace your feminine side? Is it better to be muscular or skinny? There is no right or wrong answer for any of these questions because there are a million different styles of appearance and each of them suits different kinds of men better than others. The key is only to find a style of appearance which suits you. If you’re not currently happy with the way you look and you’re ready to switch things up then here are some tips.


Fashion is such a crucial aspect of appearance. If you dress like a slob then it doesn’t matter how attractive you are; you won’t have a good overall appearance. The key is to dress like a man and not a boy. That means no more t-shirts with corny phrases etched across them. T-shirts are fine if they’re plain or patterned, but edgy sentences or references to TV shows don’t make a manly fashion statement. If you want to move away from childlike fashion then you need to step up your game.

Remember that the goal is to find clothes which fit you as well. That might sound obvious, but you should be avoiding clothes which are ever so slightly too loose as well as clothes which are ever so slightly too tight. People come in all shapes and sizes, but what makes clothes look good on anybody is that they fit almost perfectly. This is especially true of more formal attire, so think about that before you buy your next suit. It should look tailor-made. You might want to check out sites such as THE ICONIC for some sleek and modern suit blazers. A general rule of thumb for all clothing is that: you might fit in it but that doesn’t mean it fits you.


This topic causes much debate amongst men and women alike. Again, there is no definitive way to groom yourself “correctly”; the baby-faced look works well for some men and the hairy look works well for others. Nonetheless, there are certainly good and bad ways to look after your facial hair if you have any. Things such as a unibrow or simply messing brows can easily be fixed with the odd dose of plucking. It doesn’t have to be a heavy-duty job; just keep your hair neat.

As for beards, the rule is that either your head hair or your beard hair has to be neat if you want it to look good. If you have a wild and untamed beard then make sure your head hair is neat and tidy. If you have a wild and untamed head of hair then make sure your beard is trimmed and neat. It’s all psychological; the point is that you have to look as if you’ve put effort into your appearance. Having both a messy head of hair and a messy beard doesn’t look intentional; it looks lazy.