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Everything An Office Space Needs To Keep Employees Happy And Productive

If you’re of the opinion that your office space is little more than the desks, the chairs, and the equipment that your employees use to get their work done, you are wrong. The studies are showing that the conventional wisdom of those smart business owners is and has always been right. The physical environment itself has a huge impact on how work is done. Here are a few qualities worth injecting in your workplace to get the most out of the team inside it.


There are two ways to add a bit of personality to your office. Finding the balance between a professional environment that isn’t distracting and more lively colours and inspiring wall art creates a more positively charged space that is more likely to lead to creative thinking and a better mood overall. However, letting employees personalise their own space has been proven to make them feel more valued, more comfortable in their surroundings, and like they’re benefiting from being in the office. For those reasons, they tend to be more motivated and much easier to retain.


All workplaces should be healthy. We mostly think of this in terms of preventing accidents and keeping them safe, which is important. But making sure that people get enough natural light, that the office provides enough light to avoid eyestrain from monitors, and that people have open spaces to get up and move are just as important. Even adding a few houseplants to the office has significant health benefits, particularly in helping fight the stress of a busy work day.


The format and the layout of the office have an even bigger role to play in how well employees can get their work done. The cubicle crush of old (still adopted by some businesses in much need of an update) is a stress-inducing, positivity-sapping nightmare for employees. But open-plan offices have been shown to be as detrimental, making it much harder for people to concentrate on their work. A mixture of both, using things like tinted glass from to partition different working environments or noise dampening décor in more open environments, helps find a happy middle between the extremes. Nowadays, modular designs using different layouts for different work needs are allowing employees to find the space that best fits them depending on what they’re doing at the time.


There are two types of cleanliness to consider, too. First, workplace standards, like using services such as are essential. But cleanliness is about interior design, too. If you’re using too much furniture, adding too many décor pieces, it creates a cluttered, close feeling. That leads to heightened levels of distraction and the stress and unproductivity that come with it. In both layout and decoration, always consider when you’re adding too much to one space.

A great workplace does a lot for the employees and the business both. It makes people more productive, it offsets stress, and it creates a more positive and creative work environment. If your team is sick of looking at the same drab four walls and working in cubicles, it might be time for a change.