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Stop Industrial Overheads Eating Into Your Profit Margins!

If your business is directly producing goods for consumers or other manufacturers it likely that it will involve the running of industrial machines, components, plant and the like. Such things tend to rely on a rationalised system that enables production to be quick and keep overheads to a minimum. However, that doesn't mean that such overheads are negligible. In fact, they can often be some of the most significant areas that eat into your profit margins. To find out more about this, and how to protect your profits, read the post below.


Without power, you cannot run the machines that create your products, or the components of them. Unfortunately, power is something that changes in price, as the market fluctuates. Add this to the fact that as demand for your products changes you will use differing amounts, and it can be hard to adequately budget for this resource.

One way to do this, and to ensure that your profit is protected is to stay on top of the current prices of electricity or gas per unit. Then ensure that this is factored into to the final retail price of the items you are producing.

Another way of dealing with this is to include power saving measures in your plant machinery design. Such as automatic shutoffs, when a certain section isn't being used. As over a full day of manufacture, this can add up to a lot of power, and so money saved.


Water is another cost that it's important to be aware of when looking at industrial overheads, as business rates for this resource can be extortionate.  This often compounded by the notion that it’s ‘only water,’ something that can make getting employees to take a preservative approach very difficult.

However, don't despair as there are some things you can do to reduce the cost of this resource. In particular, you may wish to consider installing an efficient RO plant, instead of having your water supplied by an outside company. An RO or reverse osmosis plant will enable you to transform sea or brackish water into clean so it can be safely used in your industrial processes. Also, after the original cost of the plant has been factored in, it can be more cost effective, and so better for profits in the long term than relying on outside providers for this resource.

Site and premises

Lastly, the cost of a site in which to locate your industrial venture is often something that can have a hugely high cost. This could be because it needs to be near to certain resources to be effective, or as it needs to be located in specific areas of town to conform with pollution and noise laws. As well as being near to transport links.

For the former in particular, it can be better for businesses to build their own premises. Especially if they have specialist functions that need to be performed on site. As doing so can be more cost effective, and so have a lower impact on profits overall, than trying to convert something that is already there to fit their needs.