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What Entrepreneurs Have To Know About Child Custody

There are so many situations in which we see entrepreneurs end up in divorce because of the focus they put on the business and the lack of attention that appears in family life. When children are involved, everything becomes even more complicated. It is really important that you prepare and that you do right for the family, even if the situation is really bad. Even if you do not have to worry about this right now, here are some things that Harrisburg child custody lawyer Joshua Hershberger recommends entrepreneurs understand.

History Counts

As the entrepreneur works hard to get the business running, not much time is spent with the children. This is definitely something that the courts are going to learn and will take into account when they make custody decisions. Fortunately, this is not always the case but you should still take it into account. The judge wants to see that you are involved in the life of the child and even if law does not mention anything about this, the final decision will be made based on many different factors, including what happened in the recent past.

Workable Schedule

Judges will also take into account how much time the parent spends travelling on business. Entrepreneurs normally need to travel a lot so they end up not being at home. This is especially the case when referring to business venture that has an international working schedule. When the job does require frequent travelling, it is quite hard to get a 50-50 child custody arrangement set up.

Judges do not order custody that would include schedules that are not workable. As an example, if you travel around 3 weeks every single month, the entrepreneur’s visitation would not work if it was every other week. Visitation cannot be exercised when travelling.

Child Custody Can Be Modified

This is, most likely, the most important thing that needs to be remembered about child custody. Entrepreneurs will usually not get a good child custody deal, mainly because of the fact that there are problems in spending time with children due to various business engagements. However, if the situation changes in the future, this is no longer a concern. Child custody schedules can then be changed.

Modifying existing child custody orders is all about showing a change in the circumstances that are affecting children, together with existing schedule modifications that would be in the child’s best interests.

Being A Good Parent

People have different definitions of what being a really good parent is. At the same time, if you are a very good parent and nobody knows it, how can the judge be aware of it? You need to make sure that there are other people that see that you make an effort. People should see you spending good time with your children. Independent third-party witnesses are almost always the best possible witnesses to have in child custody hearings. Testimony from friends and family members rarely count as much since they can be subjective.


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