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Signs You Absolutely Need To Contact A Plumber

Most homeowners believe that they can handle most basic plumbing issues. There are cases when this works but in most cases more problems are caused because of the lack of plumbing knowledge present. In many cases it is a very good idea to contact plumbers.

According to Fix It Right Plumbing in Australia, most customers could have contacted plumbing services much sooner but decided to try some DIY fixes first. Unfortunately, this only leads to repairs becoming more expensive. Obviously, this is not always the case but in most situations this is exactly what happens. With this in mind, always contact plumbers as soon as you can if faced with the following situations.

Slow Drainage

When you see that water does not drain as it used to in your sink, it is time to contact the professionals. This is normally a sign that something is clogged up in the drain and stops water flow. When referring to the kitchen sink, there is often a mixture of insoluble items and grease that causes a clog. In the bathroom, the combination of gels and hair causes clogs. When water does not drain properly and everything is slow, get in touch with plumbers.


According to Fast Plumbers this is one of the worst possible things to see for the homeowner. There is literally nobody that wants to clean up the smelling and bad water that can ruin carpets, flooring and rugs. In most cases this happens because water flow changes cause water to reverse its normal flow. Sewer backflow is always the worst.

You need to know that in many cases you will need to have your main valve closed so do that as soon as possible. Then, get the plumber to your home to see why water comes back.

Bad Water Pressure

Nobody wants to get in the shower and have water dripping instead of pouring. Faucets are often affected by poor water pressure. This is normally an indication that some gunk is present in faucet aerators. This holds back how much water manages to go through. The procedure you have to do to fix this problem is very simple. However, this does not mean that you should try it yourself. It is so easy to damage faucet interior and poke holes in them if you do not know what you are doing.

Running Water Is Heard

When water is heard running from your walls, although nobody uses the faucets or the shower, it is mandatory that you contact a plumber as soon as possible. It is even recommended that you turn off your water as soon as you can.

This is because that sound is a sign that a leak is present somewhere. When you hear water running it means it goes somewhere. You will end up paying more money on your utility bill and the water damage that could appear can lead to thousands of dollars needed in repairs.

Remember that whenever you feel that something is bad with the plumbing system and you have doubts or you do not know what happens, it is better to contact a plumber than to do it yourself.

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