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Six Simple Morning Rituals to Supercharge Your Creativity

Not everyone is a morning person. Many people rely on coffee to get through the morning. Coffee can help you wake up and keep you alert. However be mindful of overdoing it, as consuming too much caffeine or skipping breakfast in favor of a coffee may limit your creativity. If you want to help to keep your creativity levels up throughout the day, you should consider some of the following rituals in your morning routine.

1. Spread Your Caffeine Out Throughout the Day
Instead of drinking an entire pot of coffee in the morning to get your creative juices flowing, you should try to spread your caffeine consumption out throughout the day.
To distribute caffeine consumption throughout the day, you may need to pay attention to the recommended serving sizes for your preferred brewing method. According to a recent caffeine study, most people tend to exceed these recommendations.
For example, the recommended serving size for a cup of pour-over coffee is eight ounces. However, many coffee drinkers consume two to three times this amount in a single sitting.
Espresso is also commonly consumed excessively. The recommended serving is just two ounces, yet some people drink several shots of the caffeine-filled espresso to get their day going. By sticking to a single cup every two to three hours throughout the day, you can avoid the jitters, headaches, and increased body temperature associated with excessive caffeine consumption.

2. Start Your Day with a Large Glass of Cold Water

Besides drinking coffee, you may want to include water in your morning ritual. You should consider starting with a glass of cold water before you reach for a cup of your favorite brew.
Drinking a large glass of cold water immediately after waking helps rehydrate your body while coffee can have a dehydrating effect. This hydration helps regulate body temperature and brain function, preparing you for a day of creativity.
Limiting your caffeine consumption first thing in the morning also allows your body to continue producing cortisol at normal levels. Cortisol is a hormone that is essential to your overall well-being and creativity as it helps with memory formulation.

3. Try Switching to a Different Brewing Method
Monotony is a common threat to creativity. Drinking the same beverages and eating the same meals every day can lead to boredom and stifle your creative energy. If you want to mix things up, you can try switching to a different type of coffee.

There are many different brewing methods besides the standard pour-over coffee. You may try preparing an espresso to get your daily caffeine fix. Other options include cold-brew coffee and coffee brewed with a French press. Keep in mind that the average amount of caffeine in each serving of coffee varies depending on the type of brewing method. For example, a two-ounce shot of espresso contains about 252 milligrams of caffeine while a ten-ounce cup of French press coffee includes approximately 223 milligrams.
Most health websites recommend that you consume no more than 400 milligrams of caffeine per day. By switching to a different brewing method, you may find that you can enjoy more servings throughout the day before reaching this limit.

4. Avoid Negative News Early in the Morning
While drinking coffee in the morning, many people like to turn on the television, read a newspaper, or browse the Internet to view the latest news. Unfortunately, the press often contains a lot of negativity. To mix things up a little bit, you can perhaps turn towards listening to some music instead (be it on the radio, tv or via the Internet).
Along with catching up on the news, a lot of people like to check their email first thing in the morning. These emails can lead to distractions that keep you from getting started with your day.

5. Eat Breakfast Before Drinking Your Coffee
Waiting an hour to drink coffee gives your mind time to wake up before you start dosing it with caffeine correctly. If you struggle to wait that long for your caffeine, you should try eating breakfast before you start drinking your coffee.
Eating a well-balanced meal early in the morning also supplies your body and brain with nutrition. You need to fuel your mind to start thinking creatively, and a filling breakfast is the perfect fuel.
Try to include healthy options in your morning meal, such as fresh fruits. Fruit contains healthy sugars that can help propel you through the morning.

6. Plan Your Day and Choose One Primary Task
If you want to remain creative throughout the morning, you should take the time to plan your day. Without a plan, you may need to make critical decisions throughout the day, which lowers your creative energy and forces you to redirect your train of thought.

As part of your morning ritual, start planning your day. Make a mental list of the tasks that you need to complete and decide which job is the most essential or requires the most creativity. This is the task that you should start with as your brain is typically most active and alert during the first part of the day.

These tips should help you supercharge your creativity and productivity in the morning. However, as everyone is different, you may need to tweak your morning routine until you find the solution that works best for you.