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2019 Career Trends in Digital Marketing

The world continues to grow more digital, and so does marketing. According to one survey, Australian marketing agencies now are willing to invest more in digital marketing than in traditional advertising.

This shift means rapid growth in digital marketing will continue, thus creating more job opportunities. Here are some career trends in the digital marketing industry:

Content Manager

Content management impacts all levels of marketing and thus cannot afford to be ignored. There is more to content management than just writing and social media.

A content manager should be conversant with creating SEO-friendly web content. He or she should also be able to effectively manage and store the content.

Virtual Reality Developer

Marketers with a passion for technology and graphics will thrive in the digital marketing industry. Creative marketers with these two skills can do very well in virtual reality development.

If you have some experience in video arts or software suites, then you can work as a director, assistant or even editor in virtual reality.

Many digital marketing campaigns rely on virtual reality.

Email Marketing Specialist

Content development is a wide field in digital marketing. Email marketing falls under content development.

An email marker is in charge of organising and managing marketing campaigns and launches.

To be an email marketing specialist, you need excellent marketing, copywriting, and editing skills.

As email marketing is one of the leading means of delivering content, a specialist in this area must possess strong customer persuasion skills.

Artificial Intelligence Analyst

Technology is making the world to be more data-dependent every day; thus the increased demand of more data analysts.

Marketers with artificial intelligence skills have a bright future in their digital marketing careers. AI is in high demand among marketing agencies due to the increased amounts of data that must be analysed for strategic marketing.

Graduates in technology and computer science will do well as artificial intelligence analysts. You will be required to have general knowledge in programming, machine learning and data optimisation.

SEO Specialist

Digital marketing has overtaken traditional marketing. Consumers have turned to the internet, and every digital marketing company shoots to have its web pages ranked at the top by search engines.

Websites that appear at the top of the search engine results pages have more customers directed to them.

An SEO specialist must be able to develop strategies to move companies’ websites to the top of the SERPs. Taking an SEO course should prepare one well for this position.

Chief Marketing Officer

Being a marketing manager requires knowledge of both traditional and digital marketing skills. In most cases, marketers become chief officers in the industry after working in other lower positions where they get more experience in the industry.

Chief marketing officers are in charge of all the operations in a digital marketing company. They work hand-in-hand with the company’s CEO.

As the industry continues to grow, the demand for CMOs will rise alongside it.

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