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Making The Most Out Of Communication Channels Between You And Your Customers

In order for a business to remain successful and to thrive, you need customers and you need sales. Fact. A business cannot survive without people needing to buy what they sell or order services in which they offer. Advertising and marketing, be that locally, through social media and your website, or even the good old fashioned way of newspaper and magazine adverts or leaflet drops is a fundamental aspect of bringing the sales in. But could you do more. Often we have communication channels for existing and potential new customers that we don’t take advantage of. So here are some of the ways to do that to bring in those sales and keep your business moving forward.

Taking advantage of mobile phone capture

Many forms online that you have on your website and also any completed orders that you take from customers include you obtaining a mobile phone number. This might be because you need to keep customers up to date with their order status, for example. But this isn’t the end of what a mobile number could do for your business. With permission, which you can gain when collating the information in the first place, you could consider sending text messages. To send bulk sms saves time and energy, and enables you to get a marketing message across simply and easily without the need for big expenses on adverts or other marketing avenues. It is quick and certainly effective.

Do you have a business newsletter?

Businesses are missing a trick by not keeping their customer base up to date with all the latest goings on and happenings within your company. This is when a newsletter can really work in your favour. There are two ways you could distribute it. You could consider an email newsletter, which would require your o have obtained and collected email addresses. Some prefer this method as it can be less intrusive, and as a lot of people spend time on their phones it can also be very effective. Or you could choose to physically send out a newsletter that you have had printed.

Social media sharing and updates

Social media is where it is at these days, and so why not use this to your advantage? Of course, you should already consistently be using social media for sales updates and offers, but what about sharing customer feedback and purchases? This could also encourage those customers who are tagged in post to then share the page on their feed,s which enables your business to organically be advertised and appear in other people's timelines.

Calling hot prospects

Finally, all businesses will have hot prospects. These are the customers who have made enquiries and not yet purchased, and also these are the customers thatahve already bought from you in the past. Repeat custom can be the easiest prospect o make. Not only may they want o repeat the purchase, but they could also be given a. Referral code for discounts for friends or family, or receive a referral fee for sending customers your way.

Let’s hope this has given you some alternative ideas on how to advertise and market your business to generate more sales.

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