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How Much Did the Esports Market Grow in Recent Years

Over the last five years or so, esports have become mainstream. With millions of fans and billions of dollars in revenue, esports are now undoubtedly one of the most popular pastimes in the world. However, if we start looking at the statistics, we can clearly notice that esports are still divided by gender.

To get to the bottom of the issue, we should take a look at the facts presented in the infographic showing the growth of the esports industry, created by the team behind NJGames.

Apparently, the esports industry has a bit of a gender diversity problem as 62% of the audience were male, and 38% were female, at least it was the case back in 2014. It seems that the gaming industry will have to come up with a strategy for improving gender diversity. However, despite the fact that the esports industry is male-dominated, it’s still growing exponentially.

On the other hand, the study has found that the two main end users of the esports markets were people aged between 21-35 years. Audience aged from 10-20 years takes a decent share of the market (16%)  as more and more young people opt to become professional players.

In 2012, the esports industry has shown real progress as it made $130 million in revenue. However, over the last five years, the industry has hit a massive growth spurt as the revenue jumped from $130 million in 2012, $468 million in 2017. Also, it’s projected that the total revenue could exceed $ 1,385 billion by 2021.

In 2018, the esports industry generated $906 million in revenue, with a large proportion (over 40%) of the revenues coming from sponsorship. The advertisement spending on esports accounted for 19% of the total revenue and game publisher fees contributed with $116.3 million. According to the source, an estimated 18% of the esports global revenue came from media rights.

As you can see, the esports market is exploding. If you want to see other interesting facts about the rise of the esports industry, take a look at the infographic below.