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Top Australian Fintech Startups To Watch Out For

Australia has a vibrant scene when it comes to technology. There are many new startups coming up every year and the market is generally thriving. Over the past couple of years, the growth in the Australian startup market has been great particularly in the finance sector. Growth of up to 88% was recorded for 2017. The prospects in the market are still high in 2019. Of the many startups, you can find in Australia, there are quite a few that you should take a keen interest in. Let us look at the top Australian startups to watch out for.


When it comes to financial issues, the young ones are often left out of the conversation. While money issues are most important to adults, it is not a bad idea to teach children about finance. Pennybox is a startup that has noticed the gap in access to information, especially for the younger generation. This startup specializes in teaching kids all about banking, money, and finance using gamified concepts. This makes the subject both interesting and educative for the kids. The startup has raised over a quarter million dollars in financing. The prospects of the startup are definitely bright with a young team being behind it.


In the business world, there is no easy way for customers to interact with businesses. Pokitpal is a startup that has come up with a marketplace that connects consumers and businesses. The platform allows for easy communication between the involved parties. The great thing about the startup's platform is that it is easy to use and it does not involve the use of costly technology. The startup has found huge success in the market in its first few years. It now has hundreds of thousands of users in Australia and it continues to expand in both supported features and market reach.


Finch is a startup that entered the market with great prospects. The startup is created to change the market of consumer finance. The startup was able to emerge at the top in the Envestnet Yodlee among the best eight firms. The startup allows for easy payments between connected individuals. It helps individuals grow in financial terms by being involved in a social spending circle. The startup has raised $2.25 million in funding and it is expected to continue growing throughout the year.

Valiant Finance

Another great startup to watch out for in the finance scene is Valient Finance. This startup focuses on providing loan services to its clients. The lending market is still quite obscure, especially in the digital realms. As reported by Admiral Markets, the more startups venture into the lending market, the better the market will become in terms of accessibility to business owners. Valiant Finance is changing the landscape by incorporating over 100 lenders in a single platform where users can choose the products they like. Every kind of financial product is included in this platform and the only thing that users need to do is choose their preferred lender.

Kikka Capital

Kikka Capital is an online lender that focuses on giving businesses quick loans. Recent research has shown that small businesses prefer loans in the lower percentage interest rates of 8 to 10%. This startup is unlike any other in the sense that it allows for fast analyses and processing. The startup has systems that assess the creditworthiness of business within seconds and then proceeds to issue a credit score. The platform relies on data that is gathered from online sources. The lender is a great option for businesses that are looking for small quick loans. The startup has found wide acceptance in the Australian market. With a seed funding of $2 million, this startup is definitely destined for greater prospects.


Finally, easyshare is a platform that is created for consumers. It allows users to pay all kinds of bills easily and conveniently. It is the whole package when it comes to meeting household needs and making paying expenses easier. The platform is designed to allow various users to set up their payments in the manner they want. After that, the platform is able to handle the calculations and pooling together of resources towards the payment of the expenses. This is a great platform for roommates who want to share expenses by splitting them. The platform is already very popular and it has facilitated the payment of over $10 million in rent and other kinds of bills.

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