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How to Streamline Your Sales Proposals and Close More Deals

Sales proposals play an integral role in the process of gaining a new client or retaining and selling to current ones.

When created effectively, sales proposals can make all the difference between closing a deal and missing out on one.

Today’s article will focus on communicating surefire ways to write sales proposals that’ll get the job done every single time.

1. Focus on What Your Prospect Needs

More often than not, salespeople fall into the trap of writing generic proposals that only list deliverables they can offer to their prospective client.

The proposals fail to address exactly what the client needs from you or your organisation.

2. There’s More to a Proposal Than Deliverables

This tip is a follow up to the previous one. Most salespeople focus so much on the deliverables that they fail to realise what clients want and need.

Clients pay for results and outcomes, not deliverables. Proposals should be platforms for estimating what your client will achieve with your deal.

3. Focus on Results and Outcomes

No prospective client wants to be bored with a lengthy proposal that focuses only on deliverables.

In the long run, nobody cares about your deliverables. What matters are the results and outcomes that your client stands to gain with your proposal.

4. Keep your Proposal Short

When it comes to sales proposals, shorter is better. The problem with many is that they’re just too long. The prospects are likely to glance through them and miss the essential information.

The solution to this problem is to keep your proposal as short as possible.

5. Make Use of a Personalized Cover Letter

Unfortunately, cover letters are often overlooked by salespeople. The cover letter of your proposal is the part that gets viewed the most. It needs to be able to make the most reluctant of clients interested.

6. Make Use of a Sales Proposal Template

Proposal templates help you in creating proposals that are sure to get the job done. Reusable templates assist you in creating streamlined proposals. They also help reduce the hours you spend creating new ones.

7. Focus your Proposal on the “Why”.

When creating proposals, avoid focusing on what your solution is or what you can do. Instead, focus on why your proposal is the solution to your prospect’s problem.

Include why your proposal is worth backing and demonstrate its Return on Investment.

8. Your Proposal Should Educate Your Client

More often than not, your prospect is only aware of a fraction of their needs. In extreme situations, they might be completely unaware of why they need you.

It is your job as a salesperson to demonstrate your ability to be a third-party expert.

9. Justify your Prospects Investment

As a salesperson, you must be able to justify your prospects investment in the service you offer.

In your proposal, you should be able to justify why investing a certain amount of money will yield tangible, quantifiable returns for your prospect.

10. Give Multiple Options

Most proposals feature a single solution or option. We feel like this is a significant missed opportunity to close a deal.

When your proposal features multiple options, you’re ultimately serving as your own competition. Prospects like to feel like they’re choosing from a set of options.

When you offer prospects a few options, they’ll be less likely to feel the need to entertain other proposals.

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