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Your Secret Ingredient for Success

Success in life does not come alone. In order to achieve it, you need something called persistence. By possessing this quality, you will be determined to continue on a journey and get to the end of it in spite of the obstacles. In this article, I will teach you how important this concept is in order to achieve success.

Percentage of Success

Even the most successful people must exhibit a lot of tenacity. They need to try countless times before they achieve victory. Most people consider that one success after 5 attempts would be rather sad, and maybe, they would even see it as a failure. In the animal world, however, this is the percentage of success of hunting lions!

If we look at online selling rates, the numbers are more dramatic. Only about 3 of every 100 people who come to their site finally purchase a product. Nevertheless, that small percentage is useful to keep the business running and in good shape. There are a lot of examples of businesses and people where you can find this idea of failing many times before succeeding.

Successful People Who Have Failed Many Times

Vladimir Dovgan is one of the top Russian entrepreneurs who have applied this principle. If you read about his life, you will find a myriad of businesses he has been engaged in.

He has been author of books, politician, owner of several companies in industries such as food, videogames, charity, among others. The important point about him is not the sheer quantity of businesses, but the fact that most of them have failed.

In spite of this, a few of them gave him an incredible success which turned him into a multimillionaire.

Benjamin Franklin once said: “Energy and persistence conquers all things”.

Another famous example is Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is a very well-known actor who has participated in 41 movies. From all these movies, people only recognize him due to a very few titles. Why is that? Most of his fame comes from the movies which were a huge success. The rest of the films were mildly or completely unsuccessful, but this hasn’t stopped him to become one of the world’s most famous and richest actors. Here are some self-confidence learns you can learn from Arnold Schwarzenegger.

We could fill hundreds of pages with examples such as these. To name a few: Michael Jordan, Thomas Edison, Robert Kiyosaki. There are many famous people who have finally succeeded in spite of the many obstacles and hardships they have endured during their life.

Choose Your Role Model

Role models are usually motivational and that is a good thing. However, I think you should find a role model that really represents what you wish to do, someone who already lives the life of your dreams. Study that person’s biography deeply. Look for how many failed attempts have happened until reaching the final success.

This is a very reassuring idea in times of trouble. When you think you cannot cope with the next obstacle, you can remember the hardships your idol has endured. That will give you the energy to overcome the problems!

Some people believe that goals are a great source of motivation, but I disagree. Instead of focusing on a list of goals, find people who motivate you to live the life you have always dreamed!

To Summarise:

-Remember that the percentage of success is very low compared to the total amount of attempts you do; so, persistence is the only way to achieve your expected success.

-Find your role model, study the biography of this person deeply and notice how many failed attempts have happened until the final success.

This was a guest post by Igor Smirnov

Igor Smirnov is a Psychologist, blogger, chess Grandmaster, Internet entrepreneur. Igor is the founder of KeyToVictory – popular blog about self-improvement. We share ideas, strategies and inspiration in order to turn your dreams into reality.

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