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How to Market Real Estate Effectively

In the digital age, people make the majority of their purchasing decisions without ever coming into physical contact with the products that they’re investing in. Nowhere is this truer than in the property market, where the thousands of homes advertised online are clicked through with a feverish intensity by many thousands of potential buyers. One blurred photograph or misspelt description can be enough to deter a buyer from contacting an agent to arrange a viewing. So in order to market real estate effectively, you need to make the most of online sales platforms.

Use Top Sites

There are a handful of popular sales sites that you should be most interested in hosting properties on in order to generate interest. There is little point in hosting on a small and rarely-visited site; you’ll simply not be getting the exposure generated by the larger platforms. So, in this case, make a note of the most significant four sites to advertise properties on, and get to know their layout and design so that you are familiar with how homes are presented to the public upon them.

Take Amazing Photos

It’s the photographs that first attract potential buyers to your home. Making this professional quality, with the right amount of light, is something that you should be able to do given the magnitude of the price of sale you’re attempting. Think too about the time of day you take the photographs and the angle from which you capture the home from the outside and the inside. You’re trying to seduce, so take inspiration from property magazines to help you make the properties you’re selling pop with character and attractiveness.

Show a Floor Plan

While pictures are what will initially attract the attention of buyers, it’s the actual layout of the home they’re looking at that’ll draw them further into a position in which they’re interested in making a purchase. For this, you’ll want to make a detailed floor plan that helps buyers visualise the inner areas of your home, understanding the space and thinking of what they might want to do with it in the event of their moving into the house. The software on Metropix helps you build an attractive and interactive floorplan for viewers to explore; something that’ll help boost the popularity of your properties on selling platforms.

Alluring Descriptions

Without overselling the homes that you advertise, you should be prepared to write an alluring description of the property that answers many of the questions that buyers will have in mind. It’s not only the interior of the home that they’re interested in hearing more about: it’s also the exterior, the neighbourhood, the local amenities and details like the availability of local schools. Be thoughtful in your composition of these descriptions in order to maximise the attractiveness of the home you’re selling.

Selling a home is all about concentrating on appearances. Once the hard work is done of presenting the home online, you’ll enjoy the popularity that leads to house viewings and offers that exceed your expectations – and makes you more money in the long run.


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