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Shape up your work space

A comfortable office is an office that will make staff happy and in turn a place that will be both productive and creative. But creating the right feeling in an office is not as easy as you might thing. It is not a simple case of a big screen television, some free coffee and a couple of beanbags, there is quite a lot more to it than that. So, if you are setting up an office or looking to revamp your existing workspace what are the factors that you should be considering and who should you be talking to, to get the right feel. Here are a few basics to help get you going.

Ask around

Start by making a list of five or six offices that you like. Then start to list what it is about those offices that you like. Also talk to the occupants of those offices and ask them questions about their space. Did they fit the place out themselves, did they work with experts, did they rent it already done? These are all important questions and it is all part of an important process – you actively need to work through what elements work for you, it can’t just be based on a feeling. Then search online for something like ‘office fit out Sydney’ to find experts in the field and start talking.


Natural light is a very important element for a happy and healthy office. Light can make things tricky with reflections off monitors and glare, but plan to mitigate against that with screen, or the use of skylights. The point is that sitting all day in a room lit by fluorescent lights is unhealthy and unnatural.

Be original

Generic offices are not creative spaces. So, make sure that whatever it is that you come up with has your own style and feel. You don’t want to create a cookie-cutter office that is exactly like the one next door or the one upstairs. You want a place that screams unique and individual, something that lifts the spirits and inspires creativity and productivity. Sterile cubicles, bland art and poor lighting should not be part of your vision.


Such a simple thing but so important to get right. An office that is too hot or too cold can have a horrible effect on morale. In recognizing this it is also important to see that different people respond better to different temperatures. The old battle of thermostat (when one person turns the temperature down only for another to turn it up) has no place in a modern office. Rather, through a blend of natural ventilation, greenery, lighting and air conditioning, make a space that is moderate and balanced with plenty of natural air.


All offices need plants. Plants bring with them all sorts of benefits. These include health benefits and psychological ones. They clean the air and produce oxygen, but they also help foster a natural feel. Humans were not designed to sit in an office all day, we are meant to be outside. The presence of plants helps to suggest this, and the result is both calming and soothing.

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