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Essential Ways to Make Sure Your Home is 'New Season Ready'

We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to see the first signs of Spring again. Those bright bursts of wattle blooms make you feel so alive and energised, don’t they?

You want to match the new mood in everything around you, as soon as it arrives – even giving your home its own seasonal makeover.

A fresh coat of paint, new furnishings and accessories can be a great way to reflect that whole feeling of rebirth.  And, if you’ve recently moved into a new apartment, it’s a good time to check out the latest fashions in homeware.

Get your home in great shape right now

But before you get too excited about how it could look inside, you need to make sure your home’s in great physical shape outside.  And, when we’re being battered by bad winter weather, it makes us all think a lot more about this.


The best way to ensure where you live is ‘new season ready’ is to take the right precautions so it’s secure at all times. It’s important to keep the details of great local tradespeople handy to make sure you’re ready for what life, and the elements, throws at you.

They can keep your home safe, dry and secure, even when the worst of the elements come along to challenge it.  But without a strong roof and regular gutter cleaning, your property is at the mercy of any oncoming bad weather.

Every winter there are billions of dollars in insured losses due to burst pipes, frozen gutters and other weather-related disasters.  So you need to make sure you keep on top of this at all times - don’t neglect it. And then, if a storm comes, your home’s fit face it – and when it’s passed over, you’re all good to go!

What will the new Spring trends be in interior decoration?

Now, back to the inside, what do design insiders think will be the new spring trends in home decoration?  What can we look forward to when the weather turns warmer - here’s a few quick predictions.

Despite gloomy forecasts from some style predictors, the word on the street is that vibrant colour has gone nowhere.  So you can make your interior reflect those beautiful wattle blooms we see everywhere – without feeling you’re doing anything ‘last season’.

Birds are also big news and they feature heavily everywhere –wallpapers, fabrics, even pieces of art and accessories. If you like the industrial look, mixed metals are another key trend and you can put brass and silver items together for a really fresh look.


Or if you’re more of a neutrals kind of person, try getting tonal and mix them together to make a great backdrop for your beautiful spring flowers!

But whatever the weather throws at you this year, check out and make sure your home is safe and secure before making improvements. And then you can be sure you’re new season ready - for a great new Spring season right under your own roof.

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