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3 Ways You Can Extend Your Business’s Reach

As an entrepreneur hungry for success, you don’t want to see your business stagnate or flounder in its current position. You want to see it thrive and excel, in both its current market and any other that you seek to tap into going forward. This isn’t going to be the case, however, if you don’t extent your company’s reach. Quite simply, your organisation needs to constantly find its way into the lives of different people from all over the world, if it is to take the crucial next step in its development.


To find three ways you can extend your business’s reach, be sure to read on.


Set your bar high


If you set your bar high right off the bat, you will stand a chance of extending your business’s reach as far as it can go. In this instance, there really is no time for half measures. You have to be all in when it comes to your ambition — anything less, and your business’s reach will forever be confined to its local area and target demographic.


Setting your bar high means doubling down on your efforts to reach even more consumers. If you are confident in your ability to, say, gain 1,000 Twitter followers in half a year, why not attempt to gain 2,000 instead? So long as you hit your initial milestone, where’s the harm in trying to extend your business’s reach even further?


In this instance, confidence in your services and products is key. Quite simply, consumers aren’t going to be convinced to give you a go if it appears you, yourself aren’t convinced in your abilities either. Exude confidence with everything that you do, and set that bar as high as it can realistically go.


Simplify everything for every individual customer


As you extend your business’s reach, you will begin to attract customers that come from a multitude of different backgrounds. In order to ensure that you do not, say, alienate your European audience when you extend your reach to that continent, you have to make an effort to simplify everything for every individual customer. No matter their needs, each new customer that you attract should be made to feel like your target demographic.


First and foremost, this means ensuring that you provide information about your business in their mother tongue. One thing that you can be sure of is that nobody is going to give your company the time of day if they can’t read or understand the things that you are telling them. Be sure, then, that whenever you extend your reach into a new territory, that you adhere to the language system in place in that specific area. If you want to go one step further in this instance, then you should try to make your business not only understandable for each new individual customer, but relatable. One way to do this is to ensure that you adhere to local customers whenever you host meetings, events, and seminars in new areas.


Make use of international communication technology


Your business’s reach may have been extended, but that doesn’t mean that you, yourself are going to be jet setting across the length and breadth of the planet to seal deals each day. That just wouldn’t be feasible, so most of the time you will be tasked with operating your extension task from the confines of your permanent office space. This, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t keep in touch with all the people situated on the other end of your various extension endeavours. If you embrace the usage of international communication technology, you will be able to contact whoever it is you need to contact, no matter where they are based in the world.


First and foremost in this instance, you should be sure to switch your call plan to a service provider that allows you to make calls to multiple countries. Lebara is one such provider that fits the bill in this instance. By switching to them, you will be able to call up your employees, clients, partners, and customers in a plethora of different countries — from Canada to the UK, you can rest assured that your delegations will be heard across the globe. What’s more, thanks to Lebara’s international calls rates, you won’t have to worry about spending all the money that you earn from your business extension on making phone calls. Choose them or a service provider of the like, and you will be sure to make everything about extending your reach a whole lot easier, simpler, and cheaper.


If you want to see your business take a huge step forward, then you need to extend its reach. To do that, you need to put the above advice into practice.

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