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Four reasons why you need your eyes checked regularly

Your eyes are one of the most important assets that you have. Everyone knows that you are meant to visit the dentist once every six months, and even though they know this most person only make it once a year – or when they are in pain. But with eyes, people hardly ever have them checked out. This is ironic because no matter how bad things get with your teeth, you can always be fitted with a great pair of false ones in a worst-case scenario. With your eyes, once they have stopped working there is nothing that can be done to replace them. So, why don’t people get their eyes checked out more frequently? Here are a few reasons why they should.

Seeing is safer

If you cannot see properly then you are putting yourself in all sorts of danger. Especially if you are driving a vehicle of any sort. It goes without saying that a blind person is not allowed to drive a car and you almost certainly don’t need to be told the reason. But why should anyone whose eyes are not working optimally be allowed to drive? If you don’t have an optometrist already, use Google or Facebook Recommendations to search for something like ‘optometrist St Kilda’ or something similar based on where you live, to find a reputable practitioner. Make contact and get your eyes checked. If they are good that is wonderful. If they need some attention, then you have done yourself and your fellow road-users great favour.

Learning made easy

If you cannot read what is on the blackboard or the projection screen, then it is very hard to learn. Eyes tend to deteriorate slowly over time, and it is often not easily noticeable. But classrooms and lecture theatres are a place where you can see the effects. Imagine that your lecturer is going to ask you to answer a question based on what is written on the board. What would be more embarrassing: having to admit that you have been sitting in class all year without being able to read the board or having to pretend that you don’t know the answer?

General optical health

The optometrist doesn’t just test to see if you can see, they will also run a few tests to check on the overall health status of your eye. One of the common tests that an optometrist will conduct is the IOP Test. This stands for intraocular pressure test and it is when they blow that little puff of air onto the eyeball. It tests for glaucoma which can be a very serious thing.

Life appreciation

People who cannot see properly fail to appreciate the complete beauty of life. The number of people who have recently started to wear spectacles who will tell you how amazing it is that trees have ‘actual individual leaves’ is quite alarming. Most pre-spectacle people see colours and shapes but not the full definition. A sudden switch to glasses or contacts after a proper check-up is like having a thin layer of mist lifted from in front of their eyes.

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