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Patagonia Locations: Perito Moreno Glacier

Far, at the outskirts of the South American continent Patagonia possesses a diverse variety of particular photography locations. From Argentina to Chile its blue glaciers, mountain peaks and marine and terrestrial wildlife make the area a rich and valuable location for landscape, wildlife and nature photographers. This is one of the many Patagonia locations we visit on the Patagonia photo tours.

Millions of eons ago, this land of rough and semi-arid terrain witnessed a drastic change with the sudden extinction of the dinosaurs. Paleontological digs are a common sight in the plateau. These archeological treasures tell the story of earth’s ancient inhabitants, the mighty dinosaurs who roamed the land from Alaska to Patagonia. Its story can be observed at the Paleontology museum of Carmen Funes, in the province of Neuquén where, where the largest specimen of the dinosaur ever recorded (the Argentinosaurus), is on display.

Tourist from all over the world journey to Patagonia because of its beauty and unique topography. Its magnificent peaks create the longest continental mountain range, known as the Andes. The mountains extend for well over 4,300 miles and travel from the southern tip of Tierra del Fuego all the way into western Venezuela.

Patagonia’s weather is very much defined due the Andes elevation, which functions as a barrier to the wet Westerlies winds that blow relentlessly from the South Pacific Ocean. Many tales in the region describe the relentless Patagonian wind, which is known to bend everything, from car doors to light posts.

The Andes mountains also delimit the border between the countries of Argentina and Chile, which share the Patagonia region, as well as some of very photogenic and unique national parks.

The Perito Moreno glacier is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting destinations in Patagonia. The ice mass can be located close to the city of El Calafate in the Argentinean province of Santa Cruz. Contrary to many glaciers around the world, the scientific community has recorded the expansion of the Perito Moreno glacier in recent decades, despite global warming.

Ice breakups are common in summer months and spectacle not to be missed.

The glacier has an observation deck close to the waters of Lago Argentino. The scenic spot faces the water and the ice giant just steps away from land.

The are some specialized tours that access the glacier by boat and on foot. There are many reputable companies that organize boat expeditions around Lago Argentino. This is a perfect activity for a photo tour, since the park has many precious spots that can only be accessed by water.

Whilst both the deck and water excursions are well worth the trip to this location alone, the most spectacular excursion, which in my opinion tops everything else, has to be the trek on top of the ice mass. Undoubtedly, you don’t often have the chance to walk into a glacier!

The surface and some of its ice formation can be reached on ice walking treks which provide for fantastic photos. This is an absolute incredible adventure.

Patagonia Tip:

Clothing is important! bring shoes and clothing appropriate for ice and snow weather, even during the Southern summer months. The abundance of water during the higher temperatures months might create very slippery paths.