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Key tips to tell what hair treatment is right for you

If you are trying to grow your hair the right way its best if you lay off the thermal hair tools, low quality products and stick to healing and effective salon safe haircare.
Sydney 4 June 2015. .Have you ever walked into a hair salon, glanced at their hair product retail shelf and wondered how you haven’t got a clue what to use in your hair? This educational column will guide you through to identifying your hair type, what you need to use, how to use it, when to use the product correctly and most importantly and what ingredients to look out for!

After you finish reading this you will be able to confidently analyse your hair and carefully state what is needed to retain healthy strength, length, shine and balance. Take into account that each individual is very different. Whilst some clients want hair products to smooth down, thin out and tame hair, others are looking for thickening products to create length, fullness and volume. Once you understand that not one person has the same needs as another, it will be easy to not compare your lifestyle and choose what you feel is most comfortable and suitable.

How does your hair feel: if your hair feels thin, brittle and uneven it may seem you need moisturising treatments for strength.  Looking for ingredients with protein has a common source of long term strength for the hair and will also aid in shine. If your hair already feels thick and lustrous, though heavy and oily, you may need a balancing hair mask for cleansing and hydration.

Curly hair: curly hair comes in all thicknesses and density also. The above list also applies to curly hair. There are specific treatments for curly hair with active ingredients not only to stimulate balance and shine, but to also have a finishing cosmetic feel to restore and define your curly texture. Try to look for defining masks for curly hair with active moisturising agents.

How does your hair look: does your hair look smooth? Can you see a reflective shine? If the answer is no it clearly seems like you have opened hair cuticles which need closing such as using balancing hair treatments with an ideal PH of 7.3 to 7.45. Healthy oil treatments like Moroccan oil, argan oil and macadamia oil work wonders for shine, strengthening and lustre.  Apply only from mids to ends on wet or dry hair (use a smaller even amount on finer hair) or you can use it all over and comb through (tying your hair up in a high soft bun to bed, making sure you use an old pillowcase ) this particular method can be left in overnight. Then in the morning you can wash out. This method allows oil to penetrate all night leaving heavy residue to absorb and balancing out the silicone and moisture levels in your hair.

If your hair keeps splitting: there are numerous ways why your hair can keep splitting such as: overuse of the irons, ghd, thermal tools, rough physical use of your hair, air conditioning, chlorine, poor diet, stress and hormones. If you know your individual reason for this you can just use an intense protein treatment for healing along with regular hair trims. If not, I suggest you cut down on using any artificial hair styling thermal products and cheap hair products found in the supermarket , convenience store and chemist.

Trying to grow your hair?: Choose a hair product that is strengthening and hydrating for your hair. The ingredients are mainly from silica and protein which will help build a stronger foundation for hair growth. Mind you if you are trying to grow your hair the right way its best if you lay off the thermal hair tools, low quality products and stick to healing and effective salon safe haircare.

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