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Top Five Tips to Increase Customer Satisfaction in Your Hospitality Business

The easiest way to improve your annual turn around in a hospitality setting is to take a few steps in the way of increasing your customer satisfaction. There are several simple and cost-effective routes you can take here, all of which this can be achieved relatively quickly. Taking these steps will also ensure that you get the most out of your business. It will also mean that your customer base will not only expand, but they will keep coming back, creating a loyal following that adds to your bottom line. So, here are five tips to increase customer satisfaction within your hospitality venue in 2019.

Introduce an iPad payment system

Firstly, implementing a good iPad POS system can assist with effective customer flow and ultimately lead to more happy diners. You will be able to process orders more quickly and efficiently, which will lead to higher sales and more satisfied visitors in the long term. This may be a technological advancement in your establishment, but an investment that will pay off phenomenally. Improving foot traffic and flow in your venue is critical and this is the first step to ensuring the process is streamlined.

First impressions count

That's right. Your first impression will often pave the way for good or bad customer experience from start to finish. It can be the key to whether your customers choose to return at all. You only have one chance, so get it right. Creating the best possible experience can be down to going above and beyond, giving more than what those that dine with you expect. From food to linen, provide the best for your customers and in return, they’ll spread the good word – an opportunity that’s more powerful than any other marketing tactic.

Keep in mind you may not be able to please each and everyone that graces your doors, but anticipate the needs of your general customer and you’ll always be on the right track.

Deal with feedback appropriately

Complaints are common in this industry, but a speedy response could mean the difference between a returning customer or one that lets others know of their negative experience. As hospitality businesses, we need to understand that one unhappy customer at the end of the day has a greater effect, as they tell their own friends and family about their experience. Getting on top of complaints and offering a viable solution may turn this around in your favour.

Create a loyalty program

Customer loyalty is often overlooked in this day and age. Having a base of faithful customers that are not easily swayed by your competitors, can make all the difference. Provide a program for those who return; for example, you can introduce free coffee for every 10 they purchase.

Using these steps as a guideline will help your hospitality enterprise remain one step ahead of the rest. It’s time to increase your customer satisfaction over the long term and create a profitable future for your venue.

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