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Make Your Commercial Fridges Last Longer

The lifetime of each appliance depends on how long you wear and tear it. The equipment used in retail stores and catering facilities is rapidly depreciated, so you have to replace them more often than any home appliance. However, with regular servicing and parts replacement, you can delay the purchase of new devices for a few years.

Commercial fridges are the primary inventory in catering and sales facilities. Quality devices can last almost two decades, but the average lifespan is approximately 15 years. Nothing lasts forever, so the business owners will then have to replace them sooner or later.

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Take Care of the Fridge Content

Employees should regularly replace and refill food and other foodstuffs inside the fridges. Apart from the fact that our customers will have a wide choice of fresh ingredients, the refrigerators will not smell of musty foods.

Food in fridges can spoil, even when it's hermetically packed in the packaging. Foodstuffs exposed or stored in labeled containers and selected according to sanitary regulations are the first step in preserving the refrigeration system.

If an unpleasant odor appears, you should do a detailed cleaning of the shelves, drawers, and other bulkheads inside the fridge. This way, you'll prevent harmful bacteria and smell from spreading everywhere.

Regular Cleaning Is Half the Job

Although it seems hard, regular cleaning of refrigeration system actually brings numerous benefits. If you wipe the refrigerator daily (at the end of the working hours), you'll prevent the formation of dirt deposits. That could make the cleaning even harder. Dust and dirt can get inside the devices and cause a breakdown. Besides, regular cleaning makes your fridges look representative and hygienic. This way, it is not possible to transfer dirt from the outside to food inside.

Make sure to use non-toxic and non-abrasive cleaners (today you can find a liquid for cleaning the commercial fridges only). Pay special attention to the handles that may contain harmful bacteria. Use cleaning agents with a special formula, with no ammonia and acids. These compounds can affect the quality and freshness of the foods inside the commercial fridges. Also, these can damage the surface of the refrigerators.

Keep It Dry

Commercial refrigerators have containers that collect excessive water. You have to empty them regularly, because stagnant water is an ideal basis for the development of mold and fungi, even at low temperatures. Too much moisture causes the accumulation of ice. As soon as you notice that water collects on the shelves, wipe it with a dry cloth. If this happens often, call the service and prevent further malfunctions.

Don’t Forget Condenser Spiral and Air Filters

Most manufacturers recommend general cleaning of the commercial refrigerator once every three months. If you have a fridge in the kitchen where you cook or grill, clean it more often. Also, take care of where your refrigeration system is. If it is near a heat source, its temperature can increase, and this can potentially cause the fridge breakdown.

You will find the instructions for cleaning condenser spirals in the device manual. Also, there are directions on how to remove the stored grease from the fridge. It will deposit on filters if the refrigeration system is in the kitchen. Grease and soot particles can affect the work of commercial fridges. Their high concentration can prevent proper cooling, so you have to clean the filters regularly.

Check the Fridge Doors

Well-fitted doors are essential for a large cooling unit in every commercial facility. Any cracks on the rubber can prevent proper closing of the fridge (read here about food storing regulative). The cold air goes out of the inside and raises the temperature in it. If the lock is broken, replace it with the appropriate one. If there are no spans or cracks, you should regularly wipe door rails to prevent any damage.

Buying new refrigerators is not a small investment. Besides money, advanced refrigeration systems also require a specific installation method that differs from the previous devices. If you adhere to some guidelines, you can extend this period of replacement and postpone the purchase of the new commercial refrigerators, at least for a couple of months.