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4 Reasons to Conduct Letterbox Drops

In today’s modern digital world, you might be forgiven for thinking that everyone has forgotten about the humble letterbox drop. But they certainly haven’t − especially the small to medium businesses getting serious ROI from doing a regular letterbox drop in their local area. While some marketing efforts have a bit of a scattergun approach and can be hard to track, a well-planned letterbox drop is the exact opposite. A letterbox drop can be precisely targeted to ensure the maximum relevance of your services to the householders receiving your flyers. But this is only one of the many reasons to conduct letterbox drops. Read on to learn about four more.

1. Hit the Marketing Bullseye with Superior Targeting

A letterbox drop offers great potential for segmenting and targeting potential new customer groups. Using postcode data from existing loyal customers, you can predict which postcodes will be most amenable to your services. There are various ways to segment and target new clients – via their address, shopping preferences, age, income level, and preferred spend category. A decent letterbox flyer distribution company can help you identify which customer criteria are most relevant and helpful for your letterbox drop campaign.

2. Easily Track Your Results

It can be disappointing to spend so much money on some marketing endeavours only to have no real way of knowing if they’ve worked. This is where a letterbox drop can really shine and prove its worth. Using promo codes or redeemable vouchers, you can easily track the effectiveness of your letterbox drop. Response rates are clear, even if your tracking process is as simple as asking how a new customer has heard of you. Ask your flyer distributor for suggestions on how you can track the ROI of your letterbox drop if you’re in doubt.

3. Appeal to the Local Community

As an individual, which business would you rather bring your custom to? A faceless corporation working purely for profit, or a local business who cares about their local community? While you don’t want your flyers to make you look amateurish, some degree of community awareness is good. If you’re local to their area, tell them. Most people like to be involved in their community and enjoy visiting businesses that are local to them. Humans are social creatures after all, and that is how you build interactions with customers that become loyal to your business. Be prepared to be known and be transparent with your advertising, and your new customers will begin to trust you and buy from you. It all begins with a local letterbox drop.

4. As Direct As You Can Get

A letterbox drop is one of the most direct forms of advertising, as the message on your flyer is going straight into the hands of potential prospects. There’s much less noise in their letterbox than there is online these days. If you make use of a space where there’s generally less competition, you might just get heard more often. A letterbox drop therefore allows you to talk directly to your target audience.