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The business environment is one that is often overflowing with documents, stationery, technology and books, all slotted into whatever space is going. There are so many essential materials to help you run your business successfully, yet storage is not usually in abundance in an office location. To help you manage the clutter, below are some great answers to your business’ lingering storage issues.

Shelve It

One of the best options for your business’ storage needs is to look outside of your immediate office space. Look at extending the space or renting some extra rooms that can be filled with plenty of shelving from a business storage equipment provider such as Elbowroom (See here for some great shelving options). Solutions are available that can be used for items of just about any size, from furniture to archive boxes. Shelving can also work for over your desk or on any of the walls within your workplace, and it will make the space appear immediately less cluttered.


Grouping together all hardcopy documents into categories or years, then placing them in archive boxes will make it easier to find what you’re looking for at a later date. Because they’re in boxes, these archived files can be easily slotted into space under your desk or stacked on top of each other against a wall. If your actual office space isn’t an option, archive boxes are easy to move to an alternate, long-term storage location.

Back-Up and Digitise

In this day and age, archiving doesn’t just refer to the physical storage of old documents and folders. Archiving can also be a great solution for the digital storage of documents and emails. Scanning and backing up all important items to an external hard drive or server will give you more space on your actual computer without having to delete anything. By making your hard copies digital you will also be freeing up a lot of physical space in your office.

Compartments and Partitions

The problem with office spaces is that items often get chucked in various locations due to lack of time to find permanent homes for all your ‘stuff’. This can create the illusion of lack of space, when in actual fact, you have plenty of space, it’s just not being utilised properly. Pull out everything in your drawers and add liners or partitions to divide all your stationery items. Purchase containers and document holders for your desk, and introduce a few filing cabinets. These filing cabinets also work well as space/desk partitions that double as storage.

Having storage problems can not only be a physical hindrance to your workplace, but can also create productivity issues if you can’t focus in a cluttered environment. A cluttered space often results in a cluttered mind, so solving your business’ storage solutions immediately can save you a lot of time down the track. Put at least one of the above solutions into action to help you, your business, and your employees stay on track.

What storage solutions do you find work best for your business? Share your thoughts below.

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