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Custom Media Native Content Marketing

Custom Content Publishing

Custom Media Native Content Marketing is a part of the Rogers Digital dedicated branded content network. We are an industry leader in researching, developing and publishing winning branded content as a marketing strategy for businesses across multiple platforms, using our professional knowledge in native content that connects with consumers across Asia, Australia, U.K. and U.S.A.

Our core competency in custom news sites and magazines results from our writing and journalism expertise that we bring to the table for professional editing extending to integrated media and the development of digital assets to reach consumers. We communicate in ways that go beyond websites to become discussions in social media relating stories, ideas and news to drive conversations, build brands and deliver commercial results.

We produce news media online, mailed to databases and distributed in a wide range of websites. We create digital magazines, to drive custom content to active online communities.

We can deliver a wide spectrum of audiences for our business clients. We work with producers of services, products and events across industry, including commerce, retail, broadcast, technology, health, motoring, business and finance, fashion and beauty and new categories as needed.

We research and create a content strategy for the specific needs of each client. For some it is simply placing high quality content on our sites or publishing third party content that is delivered to us for fast action.

We reach very specific audiences when required to deliver a content strategy outcome using the creative professionals in our group.

Businesses can harness our pool of specialist in house professionals who deliver editorial and creative excellence,

Our growth and success is built on our ability to maintain the highest content standards with a strong client service mentality.

We meet our client's objectives on time and on budget. Flexibility is one of our strong points as we adapt to meet changes in a client's marketing needs. Our communication strategies are continuously measured against objectives of the brief and actual outcomes.

Rogers Digital and offer brands the best talent, insight and experience as a recognised part of the media industry, a leading publisher and marketing focused service. We own and operate one of the best names in ecommerce in Australia

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