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Poker is an Aussie favorite due to its widespread popularity. However, finding a glamorous land-based casino where you can try your hand at poker is old news.

Online poker has taken the entire world by storm, and AU hasn’t remained unaffected. Nevertheless, since the government has cracked down on illegal gambling activities, Australians are finding it hard to find the best poker sites. So, if you want to find the best platforms to play poker, or you simply need a guiding hand into the world of online poker in Australia, you’re on the right page. Let’s dive into everything you should know about online poker in the land Down Under.

Popular Poker Variations

If you want to play online poker Australia, you’ll come across a few options. As you might know, poker comes in a couple of variants, each one more popular than the other. However, these choices might be overwhelming for newcomers, so let’s make things a bit easier.

There are four so-called families in poker:

Draw games

Stud games

Community card games

Novelty games

Draw Games

The so-called draw games incorporate poker variants where players get a full hand before the first betting round. Then, they get to replace their cards through draws, hence the name. You’ll probably come across the standard 5-card draw, as it’s the most common form.

Some of the popular variants include:

  • Baduci or Badugi

  • California high/low split

  • Double-draw and triple-draw

  • Four-before

  • Q-Ball

Stud Games

Poker stud games represent a mix of face-up and face-down cards. They are traditionally considered a non-positional form of poker.

You might come across the following variants:

  • Caribbean stud

  • Mississippi stud

  • Razz

  • Six-card stud

  • Eight-or-better high/low stud

Community Card Games

This poker form refers to any poker game with a community-based card or cards. This might be the most popular group of Australian online poker games.

In some areas, the community card is also known as the window card. This form of poker requires more skill, as players need to predict the ultimate combination of outcomes based on the visible cards shared with the rest.

The most popular forms include:

  • Texas hold’em

  • Cincinnati

  • Crazy Pineapple

  • Omaha hold’em

  • Tic tac toe

  • Tahoe

  • Double Texas hold’em

Novelty Games

The group of novelty poker games comprises those games that do not belong to the groups mentioned above. These might differ from region to region, and they may even include some games you haven’t heard of before. So, you might find some online poker games you wouldn’t come across in another country.

Best AU Poker Sites to Try Out

Although online poker is deemed illegal in Australia, Aussie players can still access these sites from the comfort of their homes. This is possible thanks to offshore poker sites that have been checked for security and safety. Namely, the AU government has cracked down on illegal poker sites, so choosing a scammy online poker platform is a bit more challenging these days.

Take a look at some of the top Australian poker sites and give some a chance.

Poker Stars — The site offers free poker games for beginners and a vast selection of poker tournaments and cash games (not for real money). Players on the go can also download a dedicated iOS or Android app.

Ignition Casino — If you decide to use crypto for signing up, you’ll get a $1,500 bonus for new players. The site also offers many payment options and promotions.

Juicy Stakes — This platform with top-quality software also features competitive poker tournaments. Players can claim hefty bonuses and rely on great mobile support.

Black Chip Poker — The platform is great for both beginners and experienced players, with its multi-table play and a great range of poker variants. The site also features large poker tournaments.

Nitrogen Sports — This site offers a great Poker section with real-money play. However, Bitcoin might be your only payment option. It’s worth a try, as it works flawlessly and offers great poker games.

Unfortunately, Aussies lack a solid choice of online poker rooms due to strict gambling regulations. However, this list of websites should be enough, as all of them boast positive reputations, which makes them safe and secure for players across AU. They’re also a good choice both for those players who want to learn how to play poker and for those trying to cash in on their hobby.

How to Play Online Poker in AU

If you haven’t made an online casino account before, we’ll guide you through the steps. This will help you get everything done in a few minutes and start enjoying the best poker game.

Pick one of the Aussie-friendly poker sites we’ve listed above.

Sign up by creating an account with your email address and basic info.

Make a deposit, and don’t forget to deposit at least the minimum amount.

Claim the welcome bonus, and keep your eye on future promotions.

Pick a poker game, and enjoy!

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