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In a world where it seems like every website wants you to register with them, you may get lots between which email you register with or was Facebook or Google… So many choices but just one memory for them all. We feel your pain, truly. Even after trying to get things in order, it is still hard to remember which login was used where even if you are ready to use the “Forgot password” option.

However, and this is important, any website that deals with money should be on top of your account login information list. Truly. You do not want to get locked out of an account that just won several grand. This is why remembering your login is super important. Make sure to use a valid email address and double check it just to be extra careful. When registering, fill in all the fields and only then proceed further. Next, come the bonuses and Red Dog Casino freespins.

The next important steps come after claiming the luck of the Irish and your own and winning some great cash. To guarantee the safety of its players, Red Dog Casino has set up a validation procedure. This is basically to guarantee that you are the owner of your card and the money will come to you and not some random stranger. For this procedure to be successful, there are several things that you need to do. You need to upload some of your documents, but before you get defensive with uploading your data online, let’s start with the vitals. All files that you provide are very sensitive and everyone gets that. That’s why they are encrypted and verified only by the casino without any possible transfers anywhere.

The documents needed for your identity verification are proof of ID, Credit Card and proof of address. Do not scan your credit card on the backside. Even the casino asks you to cover your CVV. They don’t want to be accused of anything they do not want to do, so they work hard on protecting themselves and you.

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