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Although there are tons of water heaters, very few can match Rheem water heaters. This is a brand with close to 100 years of experience and considered a pioneer in the industry. Rheem water heaters are reliable, affordable, and can fit any set-up. Whether you need a specialty unit, an electric model, or a gas-powered water heater, Rheem has got you covered.

Electric Hot Water Systems

Water heating systems are a necessary feature in today's homes; however, it's important that you compare the available options. Among the popular options are electric water heating systems. There are three types of electric water heaters:

Hybrid heat pump,

High-efficiency tank

Standard tank.

Standard tanks are typically rated .90. High-efficiency tanks have better insulation than standard tanks and are rated .94-.95. Alternatively, hybrid heat pumps offer close to 60% energy savings but cost almost double the price of your standard water heater.

How do they work?

Electric water heaters use a heating element that is controlled either by a microprocessor control module or thermostat. The electric water heater can have either one or two heating elements submerged in the water storage tank. As the heating element warms up, it transfers heat to the water in your tank.


Electric water heaters have tons of benefits, including:

1. Efficiency

Electric water heaters typically have an energy factor (EF) rating of 0.9, while the EF rating of gas water heaters is only 0.5-0.7. Water heaters with higher energy factor (EF) ratings are more efficient.

2. Availability

Nearly every home in Australia has access to electricity, which makes electric water heaters a popular option for many homes.

3. Low Upfront costs

Electric water heaters also have low upfront costs. This is because the installation process is simple – it doesn’t require additional home infrastructure such as a new ventilation system.


Electric water heating systems have a few downsides. These include:

1. Power outages

If you experience a power outage, your heating system won't function unless you're using solar.

2. Operating costs

If the cost of electricity rises, so does the cost of operating and maintaining your heating system.

Why Choose Rheem

Rheem electric water heaters can have either one heating element or two. Those with two heating elements are available in 160-400L models, while models with one heating element range from 25L to 400L. Rheem has all your water heating needs covered whether you want an electric, gas, or solar-powered water heater.

Rheem Electric Hot Water Range

Rheem has an extensive line of products. These include:

Rheem Stellar Stainless Steel - These come in 50L-315L models and feature dual-handed cold water connections. They can serve up to 6 people continuously, thus making them ideal for a large family.

RheemPlus Electric Water Heater - Its maximum temperature is capped at 50 degrees Celsius. This ensures that no one in your family gets hurt when they turn on the tap.

Rheem 491/492 Series - The models in this series have low running costs and can serve up to 9 people continuously.

Rheem Compact - As its name suggests, Rheem Compact is compact in size, so it is suitable for homes with low water needs. It's available in 25L or 50L models and can be fitted under the kitchen bench or in tight spaces.


While there are a lot of different kinds of water heaters available, your choice will ultimately depend on factors like your heating needs, the size of your family, and purchase and installation costs. Take your time to evaluate their features and benefits so you can find the one that's right for you.

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