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As we all know, coffee is the fuel of many people's days. There are so many different ways to drink it and even more ways to enjoy it. But what happens when you're done drinking your coffee? It's time for storage! Here are five tips on proper storage of coffee beans that will help keep them fresh and tasty until they make their way into your cup again!

Tip # 1: Store the coffee beans online in a cool, dry place. Remember to keep them away from sources of light and moisture such as windowsills or humidifiers.

- Place your coffee bag inside an airtight container with a paper filter - this will help maintain freshness longer than without- while also keeping unwanted roommates like spiders out!

Tip # 2: If you're not going to drink all of the coffees right away, make sure that they are properly sealed before storage. This will prevent both flavor loss and odors from permeating other foods nearby in your pantry or cupboard. Put up food-grade silica gel packets (available at most grocery stores) around your stored grounds so they stay dry and fresh.

Tip # 3: As soon as possible after grinding, store whole bean coffees inside an airtight container at room temperature because this is where their flavor potential resides. Remember that while these beans may last up to two weeks ungrounded, they will only last one to two days once ground.

- Ground coffee should be stored in an airtight container as well, but make sure that these are kept at a cool room temperature or it can quickly go stale and lose its flavor!

- Coffee beans will grow mold rather than just sitting there doing nothing, so if you're not going to use them soon enough then freeze what you have leftover - this is the best way to store your coffee for later consumption.

Tip # 4: When brewing with whole bean coffees, grind just before each batch of freshly brewed coffee. Leaving them ungrounded for too long after grinding could result in loss of flavor and increased acidity from exposure to oxygen (which has been shown

- Tightly roll up your coffee bag inside an airtight container with a paper filter or place it in a jar filled with rice to make sure the grounds stay dry as well!

Tip # 5: The best way to keep coffee beans from going stale is through proper storage, but if you're not ready for that step yet, one option is freezing. If you ever find yourself caught without any of these options available, open them into a much smaller size (about halfway) so they are exposed more quickly to oxygen once opened again - just be sure to reseal before storing away again!

Tip # 6: Store whole bean coffees at about 68 degrees Fahrenheit and ground coffees at room temperature - this is especially important when the coffee beans are pre-ground.

Tip # 7: Be sure to store your coffee in a dark, cool place - light and heat can make them go stale much quicker!

Now that you've been given seven tips for proper storage of coffee beans, there's no excuse not to treat yourself every day with some delicious java. Now get out there and enjoy life!

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