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More than 50 percent of the American population appreciates nature far more today than before COVID-19, the global pandemic hit us. According to People, the findings of a study revealed that almost six out of every ten Americans appreciate nature with a new and renewed enthusiasm, thanks to COVID-19. We have seen that since 2020, several restaurants have started using custom canopy tents for creating socially distant and safe dining zones for their customers.

Numerous restaurant patios, parking lots, and footpaths outside cafes are presently brimming with outdoor dining zones. Even after the revival of indoor dining back in 2021, several diners and restaurants are still showing a preference for outdoor dining zones.

Custom canopy tents are quite popular among both restaurant-goers and restaurant operators. As per the findings of a recent study:

  • * More than 20 percent of diners prefer eating outdoors in isolated canopy tents as they think that it is crucial for their health and safety.

  • * More than 65 percent of guests chose to dine outdoors despite being cold outside.

  • * 82 percent of restaurant-goers are hoping to see their hot-favorite restaurants using an increased number of blue canopy tents for arranging more outdoor seating areas.

Reasons Restaurants Are Relying on Custom Canopy Tents

Restaurant owners at first started making use of canopy tents for promoting and maintaining social distancing protocols among their esteemed guests and employees. Now they are witnessing countless other advantages or reasons to carry on using custom canopy tents. They have realized that it is a good way of expanding their existing seating arrangements and overall capacity. Some of the reasons for restaurants to opt for custom canopies are:

Seamlessly Executing COVID-Prevention Protocols

Restaurant tents go a long way in facilitating restaurant operators to follow, execute, and comply with several health and safety rules and regulations existing in their states. For instance, these tents help in the seamless performance of preventive screening measures. Before letting guests into these isolated canopies, guests may be thermally scanned. Restaurant operators have realized the efficacy of using canopy tents to follow more religiously existing COVID-prevention protocols.

Best for Maximizing Resources

Canopy tents are affordable, especially the ones made of synthetic fabrics and poly plastics. Restaurant owners have the liberty to order many sets of canopy tents as it will not burn a hole in their pockets. Custom canopy tents are a cost-effective way of increasing the seating capacity of a restaurant.

Excellent Marketing Opportunities

Numerous restaurants have been using custom dining tents for promoting their brands. You may get the canopy tents custom designed and printed with top-quality graphics. These canopy tents may be used as effective advertising and marketing tools.

Factors to Consider While Choosing Canopy Tents

Flexible and Light Frame

You should buy canopies with corrosion-resistant and durable aluminum frames. Canopies with durable and light frames may be installed, transported, and stored without any hassle. You can use these canopies again and again.

Durable Materials or Fabrics

Your outdoor dining areas should be perfect for protecting guests from rainfall, heat, and other harsh weather elements. It is best to invest in UV-resistant, waterproof, fabrics. Examine the weight of the canopy before purchasing it.

Design and Size Customization

You may invest in canopy tents that come with versatile and flexible customization options. Avoid buying canopy tents smaller than 10 feet by 10 feet. Ensure that you can order a canopy in your unique size specifications and get high-quality graphics printed on it if desired.


You may invest in top-quality canopy tents if you are planning to expand your restaurant and go outdoors!

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