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A woman can always look fantastic, whether she has a lot of money or not. The clothing brand is also irrelevant because even those that buy only famous brands can look quite the opposite of their desired effect. If you want to build your style without much hassle, take a look at the habits of those people who look perfect in any outfit.

Invest in your accessories

Christian Dior in his “Little Dictionary of Fashion" already established in the 1950s that a lady shouldn’t go out without accessories. A necklace or a silk scarf that is worn tightly around the neck can turn a bland combination into a real outfit. That is why it is important to have high-quality jewelry for every occasion.

Often the women who seem chicer are betting everything on accessories. If you are not a fan of earrings, belts, etc., take one step at a time. Wear one accessory and then add another, and another, finally combining them all together. You will see that it is easier than it seems.

Find out which cuts flatter you - and stick to them

"If I would only weigh little less, these skinny jeans would fit perfectly "… Instead of thinking like that, try putting your energy into finding the right cut for your figure. Do you regularly get compliments when you wear the slightly flared dress? Then buy one more! Do you feel more comfortable in bell-bottoms than in skin-tight jeans? Then make that your trademark! Are you the mini skirt and sneakers type? Then why should you hide in a maxi skirt?

Pay attention to materials

A good material is not necessarily more expensive. Buy a classic white cotton blouse or a beautifully patterned viscose dress. Those are the basics that are ideal accomplices for a high fashion look. Nobody will realize that they were cheap. But be careful with synthetic fibers.

Don't worry about clothing size

Clothing sizes are just nasty numbers that say nothing about whether a piece of clothing fits well or would you feel comfortable in it. That is why you should only buy clothes that really fit you. If it irritates you that you are wearing a size larger than usual just cut out the size information, and be free. If you want to look your best you should be wearing clothes that fit, not the numbers that don’t.

Beware of sales: do not fall into a shopping frenzy!

Do you know how much money you invest in fashion every month? Write it down. We spend a lot in passing, all on the unfortunately poorly fitted and cheap clothing on the sale. This is how you collect mountains of shoes that you don’t wear and clothes that look like rags after the first wash. That sum that you yearly spend on cheap items is better invested in some high-quality pieces. With a great handbag made of genuine leather, you will demonstrate significantly more style than with four different plastic models.

Establish long-term relationships

If you want to look stylish at all times, don’t spend money on trendy pieces. You should buy the key clothing pieces that will be trendy from season to season. For example, buy a tailored blazer. It is timeless and looks perfect with jeans and sneakers, but also with khaki pants and scarves or elegant black pants and a blouse.

You don't always need a striking piece of clothing to look attractive and stylish. The simplicity of particular clothing pieces is often a sufficient dose of elegance and a very acceptable choice for a multitude of events. Make sure you have clothes in your wardrobe that you can always rely on and replace some of them that you have completely worn out.

Invest in your underwear

A well-fitting bra and panties that cannot be seen through your clothes are the basis for a successful outfit. With the right undergarments, the clothes will look better on you, and you will feel more comfortable. Take your time while shopping and get advice from a salesperson.

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