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We all know that finding the key pieces for your wardrobe are really important. Autumn is officially here, and some consider autumn of the most exciting seasons to dress for. The warm tones and colours are something that anyone can get on board for, especially since autumn is all about layering effortlessly with elegance and character. Let us not forget how beautiful it is to actually be outside during this season, the colours that sweep our streets, is as if you got a paint brush and decorated the trees yourself with warmth and cosiness.

Yes, the key fashion pieces this season take inspiration from high end luxurious fashion brands like Bottega Veneta, Chloe and Max Mara, but you do not actually need to spend that much to be in season! Unless you manage to win some serious cash through gambling and sports betting at sites like Spotsbet, you will be taking notes from the selection of options that we have made in this list for you today!

Hansen and Gretel

This Aussie brand brings a modern, minimalistic attitude to their pieces. Without a doubt, the pieces shown here are essential for anyone that is looking to collect the musts for this season. Another reason we really heart this brand, is due to the strong message of sustainability that comes with all their sourced pieces. They heavily concentrate in making sure all the dyes and materials sustained to create key pieces are either sourced from existing materials, or used environmentally friendly dyes and biodegradable counterparts. Any fashion-conscious individual will make sure that their wardrobe is fully kitted to make them an eco-fashion warrior too.

The pieces range from around $50 dollars, where most coats and jackets are from the $100 mark. Therefore, you will not need to sacrifice any of your pennies needlessly and excessively with this fashion brand folks. Think it's time you pay a visit to their stores located within Sydney. For instance, at, you can find skilled professionals ready to guide you. Their catalog has a wide variety of designs for different occasions, from formal dresses to casual ones. If you are not sure about what you are looking for, you can reach out to them.

By Johnny

The name says everything with this one. You will find key classy pieces that will get you suited and booted within no time at all. By Johnny focuses on the inner masculine and feminine power that we all possess. Their pieces if anything, remind fashionistas that less really is more and you never need many pieces to go from zero to ten really quick. If you are looking for a style renovation, this is the spot you need to take a trip to and visit. And for your information, the pieces start from $50 to $600, which is not bad at all if you ask us. The high price end is for limited edition pieces and jacks that are composed of cashmere wools etc. Nevertheless, a cocktail evening dress from here, will have any boss lady powering through an event or meet and greet. We are talking business savvy is defined by the way you dress too, okay?


This fashion brand is one that is exceptionally surprising. Nothing that they sell exceeds the price tag of $200! Everything they do happens to kit out, is exceptionally luxurious so it will definitely have you looking twice at that price tag, being that it is so affordable! This brand is so on track for the moment as they have everything knitwear related that you could possibly want. We all know how chunky knitwear is inevitably ‘in’ right now. Big brands like Isabel Marant have always taken lead, when it comes to chunky yet stylish knitwear pieces, but alas Elliatt is what you need for knitwear that will be the centrepiece and focus of your autumn looks!

Mara & Mine

Where would autumn and festive fashion ever be without equally as appropriate footwear to take you from day to night? Mara & Mine, is a footwear brand that is so in right now, if boots and over knee leathers are your style of choice. All the materials and fabrics are sourced from the best places on earth when it comes to leather, and that is Italy and Spain. Many celebrities despite having a tonne of cash, have always sported this affordable fashion footwear brand, with the likes of Margot Robbie and the Kardashians often spotted wearing them. What is the price range of these key shoe pieces, you ask? You will be able to find everything you need from $300 all the way up to $600. The higher end prices are for the soft snake skin leathers and exotic prints etc. Nevertheless, get shopping!

Jaggar The Label

So, we have covered the jackets, knitwear, cocktail dresses, suits and shoes, what's next on the list? Accessories of course. This brand brings quirky to a whole new level. Everything from the bags to retro styles shoes is advertised within their range of collections. One thing we particularly found quite intriguing, is the thick and cosy loungewear with funky autumnal prints on them. This type of fashion is definitely needed sometimes, especially during a world pandemic. Loungewear has become so in right now, and if you can make it fashion and unique, why ever not?


Henne is a brand created by a famous Instagram blogger called Nadia Bartel. Everything basic is somehow made even more luxurious and necessary within her line. You will find all the bits and pieces that make your casual boyfriend blazer look, go from casual to evening appropriate! Yes, her pieces are really flexible and adaptable to different occasions and that is why we really are digging her labels look books this season. She also has made a summer fashion of satin slip skirts so in for winter and the festive season, how? Well, she has given us berry colours, burnt reds and mustards. So, you can call us officially sorted for autumn now thanks, and thank god for that. We started to have a slight fashion fit brewing in the corner before this.

Do act fast however, as her pieces have been in so much demand that they go out of stock very quickly! The next drop of her current season collection is due to be back in a fortnight, so act quick and set your calendars ladies, it will only be the odd sizes and last picks if you do not.

Dominique Healy

Dominique Healy is a fashion brand that is very conscious about making people find what they need to transition from one season to another. If you are wanting to hand on key autumn pieces, just that little bit longer before winter, you will rejoice knowing that pieces such as a trench coat actually exist in pre-winter format-meaning just that little bit more adding to wrap up warm with! The trench is the emblem of autumn, so we can totally understand why. However, if you are living in warmer regions of the world, and you have not actually felt the sharp cold snap of autumn just yet, do not worry. There is key statement slip on dresses that can work for warmer and colder periods. Each piece has consciously been created to allow the muse to manipulate the pieces however they wish. You can be your own muse babe! And for a price range of $135 to $495, we will take it all.


Posse is the final label that we will recommend that will guarantee that you will be able to save those pennies. So, from our list, we happened to miss out work wear, didn't we? Work wear can get autumn appropriate, that we will say. Posse offers all the chinos, satin shirts and linen flare trousers you will need to make your workwear game on. Most of the pieces can be freely mixed and matched, however you will have the choice to purchase sets too. The key message within the brand's ethos, is the fact that each stylist and muse will be able to re-wear pieces under different situations and occasions. Meaning you can take their staple blazer for example, and team it up for your night out with the girls on a Friday night. Let us not forget how this brand is not fast fashion-in any shape or form. Meaning, their pieces are quite singular and they do not tend to produce many of the same thing. So, in a sense, this fashion brand brings luxury to your online shopping cart (in the fact pieces are kind of rare), but with a fraction of the price. Now that we like, and we are sure you are on board here too.

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