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There are not many accessories that are more popular than hats for men, except for watches, of course. Baseball caps have been around for a long time but it is now that they made a true comeback. For many, caps are signature statements while for others they are just weekend fixtures.

Men can use baseball caps in various different ways and it is not at all difficult to make a true statement if you know how to use them to create a highly fashionable look. However, this is only possible if, for starters, you know the different styles that are available. This is why we should start with the really popular baseball cap styles you do need to know about.

Snapback Hats

Many men love this style. Snapbacks are now adapted by practically all style camps, ranging from preppy and athleisure to California cool and hipster. The favorite snapback hats are representing teams, cities or brands like Nike or Adidas. When looking at the practical side of things, you should know that dark color caps look great with practically everything while hiding frequent wear signs.

Fitted Caps

For many, fitted caps practically represent love. For teams they represent the city. For brands they represent the love that buyers have. You will never pick a fitted cap from the shelf simply because the color is attractive for you since this is really weird. With fitted caps you need to pick an allegiance and you need to be sure the size is good. Make sure that you remove the stickers.

5-Panel Caps

The 5-panel baseball cap is synonymous with menswear. It started as just a small trend and evolved into the huge phenomenon it now is. If the look is right, this cap can definitely look stunning. At the same time, we should know that this is one of the few baseball cap styles that look really great when there is an all-over print added. This is because the really busy designs or the fussy designs just look foolish. If you love style, get really bold and choose a pattern.

Trucker Hats

Many think that trucker hats simply do not work but this is not actually the case. They can give grace to many different styles. Trucker hats remind us of the past in various ways and although not much style appeal is present, it can look great. You can easily get a cool, breathable fit in specific settings, like when on a boat or when you go camping. Still, you cannot really use it if you want something more fashionable.

Dad Hats

The dad hats became really popular because of Ralph Lauren. The soft-style hat is quite a signature for uber-prepsters and dad-style. This is not going to change soon. There is basically nothing that is wrong with the dad hat but this is a style that was drastically updated in the past few years. The only problem is that it is now seen as a synonym with dad-style, when the truth is that you can always go for something that is different. For instance, just use a cap that does not have a logo and that features a unique texture or hue.

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