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Have you started to feel it? Summer is upon us!

If you listen closely enough, you can hear sighs of relief from people all around the country. It is finally time to break free from the cold clasps of Winter, shed all heavy layers and expose our vampirish skin to the warmth of sunlight

Now comes the issue of what to wear.

We all want to look and feel fabulous at the beach, particularly when baring a little more than usual, but never fear, ladies! What may have previously been considered a tedious task, this year, the search for your perfect swimsuit has never been easier. Say goodbye to one size fits all, because really, that only works for socks, and say hello to variety. Whether you are at the beach for relaxation or a splash in the blue, you’ll be sure to swim, not sink as you strut your stuff in these six sexy stand out styles.

The High-Rise Bikini

This bikini style is beneficial to all types of beach bods for a few different reasons. Generally sitting just above the belly button, it hugs your tummy and creates a gorgeous hourglass shape, whether you are slim or fuller around the middle. The higher waist also accommodates for a long torso, as it balances out proportions. Oh, you say you have a shorter waist? No problem! Choose a cut that puts an emphasis on your long legs. There are many variations of the style which can be found at Fella swimwear and other online retailers. Top this style off with a funky pattern and a top to fit your bust and you will be hot to trot all season.

One Piece Cut Out

The one piece is back from the dead and making waves with a modern twist. One piece swimsuits are now just as popular as bikinis and celebrities like Beyonce, Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid are all helping prove the point. In the case of this style, you cannot have too much of a good thing and lucky, because the variety is through the roof.

Plunge Neck

Dare to dive with this season’s plunge neck swimsuits. You can go for a cut out one piece exuding 70’s glamour, a deep halter neck that best promotes your assets or keep it simple and classy with a bold colour and elegant low back. This style is great for smaller or perky chested girls, for those with more upfront this style can be a little risky when you’re active.

Crop top

The crop top is no longer reserved for night-clubbing, it’s become a very chic beach style to wear and it’s super practical. If you’re an active girl it’s a great way to keep your assets contained and the new styles are cut to be very flattering on the chest and give a visual lift.

Beach robe

Something that’s been very exciting and that I personally will be rushing out to grab this year is the wrap around beach robe. Like a sexy light weight shirt, it comes in a variety of patterns and textures.

The figure hugging robe gently wraps around you and gives you that incredibly sophisticated and expensive look. It quickly slips on and off as you enter and exit the water, protects your skin, and keeps you cool. What’s not to love? It’s incredibly practical at the beach, and you can pair it with a chic set of sunglasses for a voguish look at a pool party.

Lace up

This years lines are much more intricate and couture inspired.

From two pieces that criss-cross around your waist and hips, to sexy skin revealing laces that run all the way up the side of your body, it’s a very sensual style. I’m not sure how practical it is for getting in and out of, but it looks stunning on. This is by far the hottest trend you’ll see on the beach this Summer.

There’s never been a time when we’ve had more variety in swimwear, there’s something perfect to suit every body shape and and personal style. Invest in a couple of great pieces that look amazing on you, and you won’t be able to wait to get your body out!

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