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Why Are Sales Of Instant Pots Growing?

It seems like everybody has an instant pot these days. Over the past decade sales of instant pots have been growing each year. US sales have doubled in 2017, in other countries it almost trebled. There are plenty of cookbooks and recipes online to help make some delicious meals using the appliance. On Facebook, instant pot pages have over 1.3 million followers. So, what is the big deal? Why all of a sudden has this programmable pressure cooker become a must-have for homeowners? For more information visit Corrie Cooks.

They Are Convenient

The world most of us live in today is fast-moving. Lots of us get home from work, clean the house, play with the kids, try to get some exercise, or watch some TV. It’s hard to make time to create a healthy, tasty meal. This is where the instant pot comes in. All that's required is for you to add the ingredients into the device, click a few buttons to set a timer, wait for the beeping sound and your meal is complete. There are built-in mechanisms in the instant pot that understands when your meal is complete and will keep it warm for you. Unlike many traditional kitchen cooking equipment, the instant pot does all the work for you. It is simple to clean and as long as you study the instructions carefully, it is safe and easy to use!

Reduce The Amount Of Cooking Time

Instant pots help you cut the time of cooking in half, and some cases, a fraction of the time. For example, in the past, you had to wait for around 8 hours for your stew to be fully cooked. It is possible, with an instant pot, to have a stew ready to eat in 30 minutes and still taste great.

They can also help you reduce the time spent cleaning up. Instead of spending time cleaning pots and other kitchen appliances in your kitchen, the only thing you need to clean is the instant pot. It helps reduce clutter, saves time, saves money, and helps keep your kitchen organized.

They Are Energy Efficient

Because instant pots take up very little time to cook meals this means less energy is consumed. They are one of the most energy-efficient cooking appliances available on the market today. Because an instant pot is enclosed, so it helps keep heat in to cook. No energy is wasted radiating heat in the kitchen.

There Are Health Benefits When Cooking With An Instant Pot

Due to instant pots being in an enclosed device, it doesn’t allow minerals and vitamins to escape. Because the ingredients stay in the same place, it doesn't allow it to move which also helps. Cooking with an instant pot is quick, so it gives the food less chance to lose some of its healthy nutrients.

People who try sticking to a specific diet often find it hard to stay consistent with a healthy diet plan. Because instant pots are so simple to use, people can go to their local shop and purchase healthy items without having to worry about whether or not they have the right cooking equipment at home, or the worrying feeling that it might be inconvenient and difficult to cook.  The trick to a healthy diet is consistency. Many fail as healthy foods can often take longer to cook, so instead they just purchase junk food that requires little to no work when cooking. Having an instant pot allows them to cook a healthy meal, without much effort required. Some decide to add in more ingredients than needed for a meal so they can have the healthy leftovers for lunch the following day. It can be a great habit to get into as you’ll reduce the amount of waste in your kitchen!

They Are Not Too Expensive

Instant pots come in all different shapes and sizes. From big, bulky ones to fancy, slim ones. The prices also vary. There are some instant pots on the market today that are less than $100 US Dollars. You are sure to find one that is not going to break the bank. Also, remember that they will help cut the cost of your electricity as they require very little energy. They might also help you and your family reduce waste.


It seems nowadays there is a tech kitchen appliance alternative for every traditional cooking equipment. Although many do pretty much the same thing, an instant pot seems to offer much more advantages than a traditional pressure cooker. They allow you to cut the time of cooking, they can be used to slow cook if you want, they can be used as a rice cooker or a steamer and also allow you to make yogurt. For a reasonable price, they might just prove to be a great addition to your kitchen!

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