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When you have tried all other weight-loss methods without success, health specialists recommend weight loss surgery. The other name for this form of surgery is bariatric surgery, and it's a perfect means to lose weight quickly and healthily through surgical means. Several procedures like gastric sleeve and gastric bypass are involved, and they are safe and pretty effective in helping the patient achieve long-term weight loss.

Here are signs that you're ripe for a weight loss surgery

Failed conventional weight-loss procedures

To determine the excess weight in your body, specialists use the Body mass index (BMI). It helps in determining the excess body weight that needs to be shed off. The normal BMI index range should be 18 to 24. A good candidate for weight loss surgery is at least 100pounds overweight, bringing their Body mass Index to something like 40 and above.

Here, one is considered severely obese, and you're at a high risk of developing some chronic diseases like diabetes 2, high blood pressure, and such. The bariatric surgeon may recommend surgery if your BMI is 35, depending on other factors like co-morbidities. In all cases, the surgery lowers the BMI to a healthier level.

With a sound mind

You can't go through the procedure when you are out of your mind. The weight loss surgery Gold Coast will first recommend you to a mental health specialist to be sure you are mentally stable to commit to a long-term weight loss program. The mental specialist tests you to confirm that you're not suffering from some psychological disease. Some mental conditions contribute to obesity, and even if they go through the surgical procedure for weight loss, it may be difficult to realize tangible results. If you've some eating disorder, substance abuse problem, depression, the doctor will recommend you work together with a mental specialist, so you deal with that first. Then if you are okay and no changes in your weight, they can go ahead and administer the bariatric procedure.

High level of motivation

Weight loss is about being at the right set of mind. It's not an easy way out, as some people would want us to believe. Bariatric surgery is not some magic that will ooze out excess weight. The truth is that the procedure is a catalyst of some sort, and therefore you must participate in working hard and eating right. And if you want to make the weight loss permanent, you must be ready to exercise. It's about building better eating and lifestyle habits. The specialist will give you new guidelines that will mold your new lifestyle. In addition to foods, there's more post-surgery exercise like walking or taking some exercise class.

Thinking about a weight loss surgery? You must get ready for a life-changing journey with the specialist. You need to learn more and be at your right set of mind. It's such a lonely endeavor, and therefore you need to get a support system. You have to get people around you- tell your close friends and family, so they support, and challenge you. You can also join a group of people that are going through the same procedure.

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