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When you have a new member of your family that is ready to get involved with outdoor activities such as bike riding, you are faced with the challenge of getting a bike that will work for your child. A lot of people go with a simple toddler bike when they are picking out something for their child because it is easier. But if you want this bike to mean something to your child, and you want them to get better at biking without having to spend a few hundred dollars every time your child grows, follow these tips discussing how you can get a good bike for your child.

Make sure it has training wheel attachments

When looking for bikes for kids, you want to make sure that there is an attachment for training wheels. Even if your child knows how to ride a bike on their own, this attachment is good for future generations. Or if your child wants to try out their bike on different terrains, or different speeds, the training wheels can keep your child from falling over.

But also make sure that you take those training wheels off when it is time

You don't want to get a toddler bike that can't function without the training wheels. This is where a lot of parents go wrong. They get a bike that has training wheels, but no way to take them off. Make sure that this bike is a bike that can grow and change along with your child.

Make sure it is small enough for your child to touch the ground with their feet while riding if they need to

Riding a bike without training wheels can be scary, so you want to make sure that you get a bike that is the appropriate height for your child. This way, whenever they are feeling scared or insecure about the pace they are going, they can touch the ground and regain all of their confidence while riding. This helps put your child in charge of their bike journey, and they won't worry about falling over anymore.

But make sure it has an adjustable seat so you can make it taller as your child grows

Even though you want the bike is small enough for your child to touch the ground, you also want to make sure that the bike is capable of raiding the seat so that when your child grows, the bike can grow with them rather than you having to go out and buy a brand new bike every time that your child grows a few inches.

Get your child a normal riding bike

You need to learn the differences between bikes when you are trying to purchase one for a child. There are many different bike types and the kind that you buy is going to set out the entire journey that your child is going to have with it. If you get a bike that is meant for biking down hills and doing tricks, your child isn't going to learn very well on that bike but when they do learn, they will fall down trying tricks a lot of the time. So make sure that you get a bike that is normal and goes at a steady pace.

But make sure it is capable of speed

Just because you don't want your child going up hills and ramps to do tricks doesn't mean that the bike shouldn't be capable of some speed. A mountain bike, for example, is capable of going up and down hills without going a crazy speed, and it is perfect for flat terrain as well. Find something like a mountain bike for your child to ride around on so that they feel they have the freedom to do whatever they like, but the bike will limit their tricks and dangerous activities when left alone.

Get a bike that is higher in price so that you know it is reliable

You want to make sure that you aren't paying for something that is low quality. This is your child's bike and you want it to be made with reliable metal. The last thing that you want is for your child to be riding around town only for their front wheel to pop off because the bike isn't made with high-quality parts.

But don't spend too much on something your child is going to outgrow

On that same note, don't go over $500 for a bike that you are getting for your child. They will love it when they are young, but if you don't have more kids that will need a bike when they get older, it isn't worth the money to get an expensive bike that your child won't be able to ride anymore in a few years.

Plan for all terrains

Make sure that the tires attached to the bike are prepared for any and all terrains that you and your child will be riding around on. Even if you don't see yourself biking through the mountains, or on the beach, in the future, you should plan for it anyway.

But make sure that the tires aren't too expensive when you need a repair

You will need to repair tires no matter what terrain you are riding on. If your road is freshly paved, or if you live in a dirt terrain with pebbles everywhere, you are going to need tire repair at some point in the bike’s lifetime. Make sure that whatever tires you opt for aren't too expensive to fix.

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