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Nothing is quite as majestic or creates such an impressive focal point in your garden as an impressive tree looking down on you from above. Perhaps you have a small orchard or wooded area surrounding your property. Whatever the case, you will need to be paying attention to the overall health of your trees so that you can act swiftly if they are beginning to show any signs of needing help. As mighty as the tree is even they need a little tender loving care at times too. Here are a few telltale signs to look out for that highlight the need to take preventative measures or call in the professionals.


Keep a close eye on any potential discolouration of the bark, branches and leaves. Do some research and check what the natural colouration should be so it will be easier to notice any discrepancies in the future. This is a tree’s way of signalling that it is in need of something. Perhaps it needs to be watered more or it is lacking nutrients. Try to ensure that you keep your trees well fed and if the colours don’t change then seek some further help before the health of the tree degrades.

Excessive Growth

While it might seem to be a positive thing for your tree to be growing well it is actually possible for it to be growing too quickly. This can have quite detrimental effects and needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. Excessive growth is sometimes an indicator of your tree decaying and it can end up developing brittle or fragile branches. Cut back any branches you find which are not looking healthy or are dead to help boost the overall health of the tree. Once back at a more appropriate size it will be able to sustain itself much better. This can be quite dangerous work and so if you do not feel comfortable doing this yourself, look for a tree lopping company in Perth or the surrounding area to do it on your behalf.


Mushrooms can occur naturally on certain types of trees but they are often signs that something is not quite right with the health of your tree. Fungi can put a lot of extra stress on the tree and it is sometimes due to underlying problems with the roots or even the trunk. Your tree may end up struggling for nutrients if you don’t remove these so make sure to check your trees regularly especially during damper periods. Getting rid of mushrooms can sometimes lead to the removal of large chunks of the tree so it is really important to be aware of the problem early.

Drooping Branches

Maybe you don’t have any of the previous problems but you can tell quite easily when a tree needs some care as its branches will start to droop and sit a little lower than normal. Get to know your tree and learn when it is looking a little dishevelled and needs that little top up of water, nutrients or maybe a little pruning to reinvigorate it.




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