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Top Irish CS: GO Players Made over $34k Last Year

Sports have always been a way to show our prowess and capabilities without violence. E-sports are no different, and with the increasing number of eyes willing to watch them, even the Irish top players are making millions.

The top three players in Ireland are as follows:

Conor McCool – conoR: $10,775.08
Philip Nicholas – Windanski: $10,148.68
Tom Clarke – arTisT: $4,870.59

While this might not seem like a lot, we need to take into consideration that most of these winnings are for a single match and that the number of players in the Republic is not as considerable as it is in some places in South East Asia and even the United States.

But, esports might be a self-feeding loop where the more money there is in the industry, the more players will come, attracting more viewers and even more funds. Betting and promotions are a large part of this, and we can see that even some betting agencies Australia has to offer have bets on esports.

Sponsorships Are Increasing

The more viewers you have, the more sponsors you attract, which gets even more people to start playing professionally, attracting even more viewers. While living off playing video games might sound weird, football and cricket weren’t considered jobs a century and a half ago either.

And with the betting houses getting into the action, the flow of cash will be faster. Some will state that the interference of gambling might have negative consequences for the sport and the predominantly young viewership, but we have seen this in other sports, and the benefits are larger than the downsides.

If we include all games, the esports market now includes 29.6 million monthly viewers and is worth roughly 4.9 billion US dollars, according to Deloitte. And these numbers are just the beginning. The year-over-year growth (YoY) for the market is 89%, making this one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Read more at the Axecasino

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