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Free Bets and Bonuses From Australian Bookmakers

Wagering on thoroughbred horse racing has to be one of the more difficult propositions a punter can encounter.

With the possible exception of a race with Sydney’s super mare Winx in it, no amount of research, insight or expertise can guarantee a winning punt.

We need look no further than the 2015 Melbourne Cup, where a mostly unheralded jockey named Michelle Payne took 100 – 1 longshot Prince of Penzance to the post in one of the most shocking outcomes in the history of The Race That Stops A Nation.

For another example, an obviously ludicrous one at that, just imagine that you had to pick an AFL footy game where all 18 sides played each other simultaneously.

For these and other reasons, punters who avail themselves of the services of one of the many fine Australian bookmaking agencies need to do everything in their power to maximise their wagers when it comes to the gallopers.

One excellent way to do this is to take full and best advantage of each and every incentive the bookmakers offer in terms of free bets, bonus bets and the various methods by which some bookmakers will offer punters the opportunity to wager for a dividend that exceeds the regular market price for any particular horse or race.

The good news in this regard is that due to the highly competitive nature of the online wagering industry, the bookmakers are constantly looking for ways to attract and retain clients.

The first of these are the sign up bonuses the bookmakers offer to new clients.

These come with an important caveat, however, because most of the corporate online wagering entities are licensed by the Northern Territory Gaming Authority and are subject to state of residency rules that make most of the wagering population ineligible to participate in the sign up bonuses.

Often, however, bookmaker affiliates are able to offer new clients an avenue around this residency restriction, so punters considering any bookmaker agency should explore that route. The other benefit this path offers is that affiliates often offer some keen insights as to how to pick winners and how to use bookmaker bonus offers to best advantage.

An affiliate will also often be able to assist clients in the distillation process of identifying, from the dizzying array of offers, which make the most sense or offer the best value.

The main objective is to squeeze the most possible value out of every wager placed and taking advantage of bookmaker incentives is a great way to do exactly that.