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Emerging Trends for the Gambling Industry

The world is currently in a state of flux and as a result some industries have suffered losing revenue and as a consequence having to lose some of their workforce.

The global gambling industry has always pioneered new technology promoting innovative ideas and the online market is projected to increase with a CAGR (the compound annual growth rate) of around 10.5% during 2018 to 2022.

In fact, because of the growing number of online casinos, safe and secure new slot sites and poker rooms in the UK, China and US etc we are seeing the demise of the land-based casinos which are predicted to exhibit a decrease of in the region of 3% in market share.

One of the main factors to the increased popularity of online play are the live casino games that many high-end sites offer. These games employ live dealers and croupiers and are played in real time from a real bricks and mortar venue.

Players will have to wait their turn for a seat at the table just like they would have to at any other bricks and mortar venue and the beauty of these games is that you do not have to leave the comfort of your own home to engage in your favourite game.

Not being physically present is important to many players and most of the renowned casinos have online branches too.

Another reason that online gambling is doing so well is the rise in e-sports and as e-gaming becomes even more popular then more people will want to bet on them online rather than go to a physical place to make a wager. Not only is e-gaming popular but the live streaming of sports means that people can watch online without having to go to a stadium or other sporting venue.

Another massive factor that has influenced the rise of online gambling is the adoption by many of mobile apps and as we are living in an age where most people own a smartphone then the convenience of using betting apps is obvious.

Online casinos and the gambling industry as a whole are also trending towards different modes of transactions adding other options so that there is more choice for players to make a deposit.

Alongside the more traditional banking methods like Visa or PayPal punters can also pay for games using Bitcoins or their mobile phone, and both of these payment options cut out the need to give any banking details to the site.

This option appeals to many players especially as we live in a society where there are those that would be only too happy to steal your details for their own gain.

For those that still enjoy visiting a bricks and mortar casino many venues have been accepting bitcoin as a payment method for some time now, and now as online fees for transactions have decreased in recent years which in turn make deposits and withdrawals cheaper than many other methods.